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Hello, everyone, In this Best WooCommerce Plugins free For WordPress tutorial I’m going to show you save our best WooCommerce plugins and this plugins are free and hope you enjoy the plugins ow mention in this video training so if this is the first time in my youtube channel please subscribe and like this video I am going to show you the plugins

the first plug-in I’d like to mention is TC who covers product slider sometimes you may need to select products in your ku commerce website and you can use this plug-in to create a spider carousel in your cuca masterstroke

so let’s see the backend of this plugin if you install the plugin it’ll create a menu like these TC WPS and click this link this link will take you to the settings minute from the basic panel from the basic sitting panel you will manage these things and advanced setting you can enable these are all these things and you have 10 H and show and hide several options and estle settings you can send the colors of keys and everything needed from this panel so I hope he ends I this you commerce products slider plugin and let’s see the demo of this plugin here is the demo Chris and from this space you can see how the plugin will create a carousel slider another plugin out collector mention is who commerce PDF invoice using this plugin you can create an invoice system in your cuca my sister okay let’s see the dashboard of the demo site here you can see our menu invoices you may not see this link or melo in your website because you may not have enough stalls this plugin and i’m just going to click this link ok you will get an option panel

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for this plugin and you can manage everything here and also our tab for managing a template that’s all about to commerce PDF inverse hope you’ll enjoy this plugin and another plugin I’d like to mention is you commerce currency Susan using this plugin you can switch currencies if you run any international ecommerce website okay and it has a demo website from here you can see how you will switch currencies okay I would like to jump to the next plugin

this is customizer plugin here it is you can us customizers let’s click on this configure menu ok here you see the customizer test under commerce settings section and you can – simple product variable product good product and is and everything here and it has also sub tabs product based sits out sections and you can also customize with some

miscellaneous sitting

okay that’s all about who kumar’s customizer let’s run to the another noggin it is MailChimp for e-commerce if you want to integrate MailChimp in your ecommerce store you can go through this plugin it has it has 20 thousands as given estimations okay and iris

buildings so let’s see from the back end from here I’m going to go de ok I’m just going to active this plugin

well because go to the settings section here we will add the API key that you will get from melting account if you use us you can integrate through this process okay

and another plugin is product customer list foreign commerce so let’s see in this you can create a list like this one using this client ok and another plugin is it who cover squid view this plugin only add a quick blue button in your Prada so you can just is something like this in here to Kumasi store after you install this plugin and when someone click on this quick view button then the product will pop up in a pop-up box like visa that’s very handy so

and this plugin is free

another plugin I’ll click to mention is cook immerse discounts for women metals say for example you can integrate several payment methods in your who commerce website and users preferred some a specific payment methods so you can force your clients thus providing them a special discount on any specific payment methods you can individually customize the discount rate in your from the panel if you install this plug-in you will get an option panel under the hokum are settings

strong there you can just customize the discount like this one as you can see so that will be handy and customers will see this in Turkish when they go to the checkout pace so if you want to provide your customers discounts on our payment methods us go through this plugin okay another ucumar speed plugin I’d like to mention it product is queues in at all using this plugin you can select excuse for your products

the self-explanatory you can just go through their documentation and thus you will see something like this that’s all and I would like to mention another this hookah must plug in his who commerce card tab if you integrate this plug-in Anil who come off the story will see something like this this kept to your car to be all the items in your card just like this on customers will be able to see the product items they have added to the cart so this small plug will be handy and will improve the user

experience of your website you can just consider heading to commerce Carter thus handy this you can get this plug-in in the retail also it has 10,000 active installed and mostly eidest already so I’d like to recommend this plug-in to add a step view of the card this plug-in is Sukumar’s upcoming for us this one is very nice and has a cool option you can just advertise your upcoming products early early release this products you current customers will be familiar your current customers will know the products you are going to launch on just install this plugin and it will add options to hide show and view some elements of your kura this you can hide show the cut button for upcoming products show or hide the price sword you can or should I say everything is self-explanatory and I’m going to show you the interface for this plugin from the back end here I am in love – work I am going to see the all installed plugins ok forum the setting links I’m going to show you the settings of upcoming products it has Keita dot product F and double commerce settings section and from here we will get that you will get this short code you can use this short code to display lap coming products in any specific piece and you can manage this setting options thus if you have on to hide product price just set these checkbox click this check box and everything is self-explanatory hope you understand and

is easy to manage okay so let’s see the another plugin in my list is hukum r-spec out for digital books if you sell some digital goods in your commerce website like photography

music any any other sort of digital goods just use this plugin this plugin has 1,000 active installation and mostly file star rating okay so and this Platinum normally remove billion shopping address fields for downloadable digital goods as they are not necessary or running a digital downloadable become our story okay and next plug-in is to commerce facebook comments and share is a very great idea to share and comment in your ucumar system using the false largest social media site Facebook so you can easily integrate your comment and share section using e-commerce Facebook comment and share plug it okay let’s see the back end

okay here is a plug-in I have activated and it created a minnow like if this is hitting so good this sitting from here uses manage everything you needed the stream page with app ID


wave and color scheme everything it requires so it will just drill this add a system to comment and share your full of some Facebook that’s a cool idea okay the last planning outlet to mention is who commerce product image FIFA you can just flick up the products image when someone mouse over the product image it will just flip up it’s a nice idea and this plugin has four thousand active installation and mostly I’m starting okay so I was glad to feature this plug-in in this video and in the near future I’m going to release several videos on best e-commerce three plugins because this only one video is not enough to this to cover older this video is not enough to cover all the important and best e-commerce pretty plugins in the WordPress plug-in directory will get much more free plugins that are very helpful for running and e-commerce system so please subscribe to this channel and you will get regular updates about e-commerce what fresh everything thank you very much

thank you for watching

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