Best WordPress Backup Plugin – WordPress Plugin Tutorial


Hello everyone welcomes to WPIDEAHUB. In this tutorial, I will explain to you all about Best WordPress Backup Plugin. 

let’s see this quad push back up plugins first of all I would like to mention updraft plus what bridge backup plug-in this backup plugin is popular and it has two thousand three hundred forty seven five is two rating so absolutely a good flag in to keep backup up your WordPress website

the free version of this plug-in can be used to back up into cloud Amazon s3 or compatible and Dropbox and Google Drive flex pays cloud dream object FTP co-construct suite etc and it has also the pro version available here you can consider that but the free version is far more better than any other backup plug-in so I would like to request you to try this plug-in first okay let’s talk about backup plug-in and it’s free sure you can take unlimited backup and get as many years backup you want there is no limit actually you can backup database and files and unlimited restore you can also download backup and you can see the light progress

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this one is backup and restore Dropbox you can take backup and restore from Dropbox and this one is backup and restore WP back of it off you can take backup through this planet and it has no complex configuration no yep Tiffany tit etc it doesn’t even need any magical knowledge so it’s easy and this one is block balls real time back up you can take daily or revert it back up we are timeout fresh backup and you can send the backup to Dropbox and the best thing about this plugin is you can take 30 day back up history an easy migration form by

cuff so you can try this on also and make up database if you want to take backup of your database just use this plugin and if you want to backup and restore Amazon s3 and this plugin is for you my WV backup set the features of this plug-in it can is peeled back up into volumes if it if your backup file is large and it backup to Dropbox Google Drive and zip up front for archiving and that’s great this has is backup


scheduler you can sure you will back up you can choose the folder you want to save and this plug-in is comfortable with multi-site or fresh and this one is WP database backup just create database backup download backup file it from your printers water you can exclude or include any table and this one is back WP up or press backup plug-in you can make up database and what projects simulus export and it stood back up to FTP Dropbox is three in many platforms there’s all about what push back up plugin and before I finish you can just give this on updraft plus are try and forests documentation and try to keep back above your hot brush site thank you for watching please subscribe my youtube channel


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