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Hello everyone welcomes WPIDEAHUB. In this article, I’m going to show you the Best WordPress cache plugin.

performance is a great issue in your WordPress website if your WordPress website Lords slower then your visitor may quit your site and go to another website it may affect in your online business so choosing a best and effective or presh cache plug-in is a great issue so I’m going to piss her firstly w3 total cache is a best and most popular what fish cache plug-in ok the best feature of this plug-in is it is compatible with various server environment like shared hosting private server virtual private server dedicated server etc and it enables minifying the scripts like HTML CSS and JavaScript and you can also add your CDN through this plugin

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and also it provides various caching options and you can reverse proxy integration with nginx or varnish you have various oils to add new relic CloudFlare etc through this caching plugin and in the video description box below I have put it a link to how to install and configure a brutally total cache plugin that sounds great and I would like to go for another fresh cache plugin the another one I’m going to show you now is WP super cache this cache plug-in is deployed by automatic and it also metaphor fuller for WordPress cache plugin this plug-in use more rigid rules to provide static pages to the visitors and it claims 99% of your visitors will be served a static HTML files that means it bypasses what presh queries to pull data from database and when it’s her static files to the visitors

means it provides the content to the visitors so fast that’s great and it has another troop method to provide static files PHP super cast static files and legacy caching also and it also provides Syrian support and extra home pace it and it do not cash for known user suppose if anyone logged into the WordPress website or any redundant visitors to your website this plug-in do not cash for these types of known users okay

another one is BB faster cache and this plug-in also provide some best supports also like mod relates all cash piles and block cache for a specific page say for example if you are running inning we come outside you don’t want to make cash off your sick out pace and you can just avoid cash for your sick out pace and sit cache timeout cache timeout for any specific pace and also enable or disable cash option for mobile devices and SSL support CD and support etc so you can also consider this plug-in to another on is Kesha Phi you don’t have to manage your cash it automatically manage your cash and you will get – Bo – is it for your cash objects you can set up cash for a posse and nginx server okay and also it works with custom post type that’s correct and the last one I would like to recommend is simple cache and it’s pretty simple you don’t have to take or use of setting options

it’s just operand of an on trees to enable or disable the caching system in your WordPress website there sounds great if you want to avoid taking girl it’s from your website this you can go through this on it’s simple pretty simple so thank you very much hope you enjoyed the video if you haven’t subscribed my youtube channel please subscribe my youtube channel that’s great

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