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Hello everyone welcomes WPIDEAHUB. In this tutorial, I will show you Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin.

what fresh contact form plugins okay let’s see the list first of all I have is our contact form dragon it has 90,000 active installs it’s developed by Webb Dorado and this plug-in has this following features you can add seven types of helped in this contact form and thus custom HTML filled text input capture page break section break map and barrel also each has presenation and support for section okay and you can use ten built-in templates so it’s

absolutely deserved recommendation and you can add custom HTML okay pretty interesting so I hope you will try installing contact form 7 I mean these plugins and another plug-in is also named contact form but it was developed by with settler and let’s see it also has many excellent features like Essex best contact forms that means Union submit the bottom it won’t read it to another page you can easily design and it supports various autoresponder and drag-and-drop form builder okay it’s seems pretty interesting

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and the third plug-in outlet recommend is the most popular or fresh contact form plug-in is contact form 7 ok and if stop most popular plugins in the WordPress plug-in directory

he has over 1005 star ratings so if you need any hot brush contact for a flag in this just install this plug-in and see its features then if you don’t like this one then go for another one and now another one is contact form 7

WooCommerce order I mean this plug-in works based on these contact form 7 plugin and using this plugin you can get order of WooCommerce if you are running any e-commerce website using you commerce okay another one is confirm email field for contact form 7 plugin as I mentioned tally this plugins work under contact form 7 only when you have been Esther contact form 7 in your WordPress site they can also consider this plugins okay contact form 7 international SMS interrelation it’s just easy mystery admin just they will confirm it and ok and another nice contact form by WP forms okay this one is contact from Solaris 10 you can install contact form using these plugin I mean you can start contact form 7 this you can change transparent background color background color you can choose background image nice things

another nice contact form 7 MailChimp extension you can integrate

MailChimp in the contact form 7 plugin using these contact form 7 males in extension conduct form 7 people around you can use chief aladdin in contact form 7 plugin and another nice contact form and lead form builder this plugin helps


to build or press quanta form as well as lead form this one is dead figure for contact form and visa also pay for for contact form 7 and finally

wcp contact form you can consider this form because it has some other good features you can sit quickly fly button thank you very much hope you will find the best contact form plug-in that will meet your requirements and please share this video with your friends in the social medias and like and subscribe to my youtube channel thank you very much thank you for watching


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