Best WordPress Facebook Plugins – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

hello everyone welcome to WBBM YouTube channel and in this video I’m going to teach her several codfish Facebook plugins we know Facebook is the biggest social media platform and what page is also the largest web publishing CMS so sometimes we need what fish Facebook plugins to interact Facebook activities in the Wabash website this way I’m going to show you this what fish is new plugins first of all the plug-in name is Facebook this plug-in is developed by what fresh model company automatic and the Facebook also and through this wagon you can interact your rockfish site in facebook so let’s see the presets you can work with Wingra protocols please look inside at like etc in your course website

let’s see another hot page page we’ll plug in the name of this plugin is jetpack by through this plug-in you can also add page book interactivity in your cache website let’s see got another one we shown his facebook chat plugin you can chat in a work push website with his book members just like you check on facebook profile and another one is a great plugin facebook video downloader sometimes the users may want to download facebook videos through this plugin you can enable the visitors to download facebook videos from your site then go to the kind of the plugin it is it is free on facebook album you can create album with this plugin

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or like to mention another plugin it is facebook campaigner

you can create any campaign or the photo pasta using this plugin to our next one is add link to Facebook you can automatically add links to post or page that are being published to your Facebook wall laser group discret brother Anees

facebook messenger about center you can send bulk messages using this plugin this sounds great okay so let’s see custom Facebook page if you want to show in your hot page website your Facebook piece from your Facebook page or profile you can use this plug-in to show custom Facebook page script and order to show you schedule events calendar or push plugging this plugins are lynnium plugin and available in the hood canyon dotnet and the price is $20 you can create an event and maintain it through this plugin

so since great attorneys pezoo comments sometimes

the user may want to comment to your blog post to Facebook they don’t want to create another account there so you can install and configure this plug-in in your Akash website then the visitor will be able to easily comment on your blog post that sounds great but last on it Facebook even calendar for waterish this plugin is also helpful to create a given calendar in your website to show it and by this $16 I have provided the links in the description of this video below so I hope this video will be helpful for you to find this witch hazel plugins to work with your website thank you very much thank you for watching please don’t forget to subscribe my youtube channel

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