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hello everyone welcome to wpbeginner in this video tutorial I’m going to show you what special newsletter plugin newsletter plugins are very important to boost your business building a client list and regularly let their updates about your products so I hope you understand very well about the

importance of new mega plugins and let me introduce you with the newsletter plugin first of all the name of the plug-in is also those that are really interesting and it’s very popular it has over 2 lakhs Activia stuff so I think it doesn’t need much introduction okay first of all it has responsive email drag-and-drop composer the speed interesting and you can use for

unlimited subscribers with statistics okay unlimited emails with tracking that’s pretty cool and SMTP really highly customizable you can send email as HTML or text you can you have to Muslim it has to Muslim a stimulant a text okay and it has also proportional extension we put extensions feed by mail extensions WooCommerce extensions Amazon SES extensions if you need this

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extension you can just parcel them I’m going to ship for another plugin this is evil subscribers and newsletters this plug-in is also popular and it has some cool features okay let’s see this plugin sent notifications to the subscribers when you publish in the post of your page site that means you can send your latest post to your followers also I mean your subscribers it has holes of options that means it can you can schedule your email according to your time that’s pretty interesting and automatic will come made and also it sends an unsubscription link that’s right okay and let’s see what is in my list business mail get email marketing by mail yet and you can also consider this one is also very

interesting it has a lot of pieces I can’t go through all the features and please consider these features and I’m going to look for another on contact form 7 newsletters and you can

synchronize the contacts of constant contacts and it will this plugin will require a constant contact account ok we can go through this link and create an account and integrate with this plugin ok and I’ll show you tribulus newsletter this plug-in is also popular and it has 133 five-star reading ok hopeful it has a bunch of cool features it has poppin I am bounce handling and bit likely tracking autoresponder that’s great and it also support custom post types this pretty cool and it of are several premium extensions ok another honest even calendar national you can manage any bells

in your or fresh and let your subscriber know about that event automatically using this even calendar newsletter plugin interesting and another one is it newsletter pop-up sometimes when your visitors come in your site and it will show a pop-up with newsletter

subscription box that’s great ok and email newsletter this plug-in has several nice features and it knew the star can be edited with here

alphabetically best sending

unsubscription link will be sent with the newsletter you can also send some 50 mils per school ok and there are other Ollie’s st. Press newsletter using this letter you can synchronize what wish rolls to newsletter subscriber list it has single and double opt-in it has both a stimulant taste version of newsletters you can schedule your newsletters and you can it’s verified computability postman is into the mailer slash email of plugin that’s another cool feature ok mailpoet yourself because

use active nesters okay so you can consider this plugin as it also has a good number of good freezers

it has drag-and-drop newsletter editor send your latest post automatically your latest post will be sent automatically to subscribers and send email to your purse users also okay and the

mentionable thing is that you can select from over 70 thins and also Photoshop files are included amazing and the pre version limitation is $2,000 scribers but not bad it’s good ok and you can absolute to their premium version the premium version of artist pieces and it supports several languages ok and finally hello email newsletter what you can do with this plugin are listed here it has debug tools supports multi languages you can manage your bounce innings and you can see the sending reports you can manage capabilities manage subscribers

news with our placeholders also pretty interesting newsletter themes ok that’s all about my 12 what fish newsletter plugins hope you liked this video and please subscribe to my youtube channel and I will come back again with some other plugins of what fish thank you very much thank you for watching

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