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hi guys my name is freddy and in this video series salto about the amazing features of death laughing one of the best things for wordpress this free version so loved capabilities what comes as a premium upgrades and in this video service over pro for every topic

let me show you what we call to cover in this tutorial also how to download and install i ‘strating

den hill but all the customize settings keep james from knowing that the website do your hand even box liatorp white layout

Car and Conficker The Logo Car or Mouse A team for all those visors to the tan or options white and strating james shepherd boring his style you can help every closet and outside with that extra attention service already pulled it off the look and feel of the blog pagers and the archive page building them tobacco coffee and the colors in which the website and proteins free version avast radar the an upgrade options are there and more is what world is kassin is in dept restoration tutorial if i like watchers

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hung heavy please like this video in french look nice in videos please consider to subscribe easy ringing notifications oh you one too up-date but afterwards in that video well let’s get started so here is the first pass of video in this video take a look at the free version of estra en what you can do it right now have great new insulation before midnight extra that further corps how is that possible he got the few pages about here and me saved the view blog posts evels i have single look

using restaurant in just about who not to do cat that containment in order to get you can go to pearly corp you can then oat over tutorials and great role extra pro slash agency tutorials

scroll down in herat import links some can’t get extra free pro for agency this is a feel it link so views or rather nothing happens if you get a page personnel gary commission should think for that and you can scroll down and then you see role the price is dear someone i get the free version now not the scroll down furder and over here 6 download free s direction he click about here and not too sweet no no but email address and click on subscribe and download pc in the fancy just want to download ezra the not get updates when you install the new version of the game discounter pro version and realize that as far as your series

download and well i just back to the website

he looked again and now I have a bigger look over mango and pierens finnish some can really new pencil when she went bright and i think the downloads

and here this is you know finder team for some reason and can go to things at new direct debits for this extra and so there

you can click on install ‘now you’re not subscribe and you can download the updates a preferred so you can your boat was actually an act iv a close and now since we’ve so just activate the ecologist effect at website in a new one tab holding command of pattern a pc this is how lux this is a website at it’s often better known galante keep everything clima website he johnny box free links so easy to fien die tales the late

singles for this one 2017 that partly delete delete this one clean the tales that showed soda stream is army family fn and sartre families active so and then there is website all weekend

conficker is in fact over here i see this life my new so again messi de sidebar widget mother no so positive and click on one of the blog post with jeff credit already seen eyes wide area around it and but fierce like this

he can go to the blank page

we see overview of all the blog post lexcorp the weekend configuration of continue and click over here would be a larger homepage with your delsey the hall bit about here goto the back-end tool settings and reading and growth from your members s’pose set page and homepage you can select homepage awhile page i s leaked blog page that reason the pages about Mr. Gray’s new page then aren’t you the platforms news he got it a new me now over here but then click it great many and i know just about left over that movie over here just about it’s as hot as chicken is so weekend a right into extra customize settings so here some can customize now closed is now we can customize wi-fi drivers man who car rental is the poor options available in natural pro and full with tutorial are always sticking with in this video look at all the great features of the freaking cyclical layout and cultures container and in order to show this make the website this smaller sized man minors lions meines over time now if we change this and act smaller it look like this oh you can really how has a hobby and how should I measure it in a moment narrow and flecks you can finger so can mr alec’s

c1000 picas apples and uses a thousand

in this thing there is my plus plus and about the lord who fails container wright well you see your ipad on it is very cool left to right it is for white and lord is content from this place until this place so this can be refueled right now lace end boxer has sensi seeds white r oh here’s one he also boxed us and ca countries to be boxed

so everything is box console the widget and jasmine boxed agree even blog website this lovely life all the widgets

marina maria a bingo star space the channel cld be fooled with all the information to content as well as the best oil of the left to right what i content is from here to here

so evolution five and stretched to the side and so weed oil you put it a fact that they leather what can or screen fan of length screen narrower see in steals oil lord from the left intelligent wright and stab him online is

meines them this will not be your target for the default container evenly boxed

where you can do something for it tank like that for the pages and like the default won the setting surfer change

the settings we agree very picasa select the one that falls with for the blog posts on something different so an often click to publish in two expand the settings and then larger blog page after which so i like this like anything Satan who falls so for it that can tent is content

for the blog post for ex lead, the archive page for the blog post is all solving the fans are not the culture blog post french this one night sc for the blog post because it to be i boxed that my power shit as often as you want the homepage and food become container but that fan culture blog post it look like this it gets back soon

archive page or some may be the blog page you need the labor you know of the block whoever us and c always who boxed you can publish command zero zero one to the patients screen and go back back pushed header and then site identity we cannot load a logo or review logo you can use your own easily and selection-logo upload fels select bright beak to upload all these images for my computer would certainly be my control and advise on open the mole and over of your selection and image he knows my copy dejes copy de tidal

a pc in the text for 24 hours optima is only images

hello by it gets all those images in my website may be to moby from bad there in google and that’s what way what is this

copy beast and fjf alarm imogen syntax a lifetime

john give do it was cousin and that you would be found error in google this is my my logo someone to use this one i would click select and aj don’t want to grab the image cc ship group inc hi jose about here my logo and the exo figure i don’t want to display the logo and the text such a scroll down a bit and prevail site idol

he knows no move and icon on checkett’s thought that leaves call with the logo still very big one before a talk about from lammy coat to other door one to heaven devin logo for a retina device

soul level about twice the size you can use it that since islower is very big already have not use it was i drag this is the law in a size by our fnd of logo for mobile device yes just for the restoration of the tutorial and select image in this time i want the orange logo it use the image and now effects screen smaller see the com orange picas he’s just about it here already the fd of logo for mobile device so dollar or great free options that is I will anyway icon change a logo white but take you because they can access it and apple ipad so its great site title you can change it would like to this photography show your service first video coffee web design and then your camp dynamics awesome people then search for him but the search for tiger figure video graph sophie search for web design new york and

angro pest de et’s you can see here web design new york to be there sand up by the cost of the worker at the left and after that you see the company take social to be filed under certain term

you don’t lift your playset from the site idle

then a deadline outlight say you the surf

to the scene is my slogan that use it everywhere

you shouldn’t have a place on finger and like hungary websites cane photos whatever i don’t want to display this site deadline and do something about here the nevian wanted to be inline and henk and check this month after that hey, it seems

scroll down right now i see this icon over here

if you want to change at you can upledger already a site item is in poland there it is no less than May 16, 16 pixels and ethnic be square

the how it is has 500 pixels, the high street us at 500 pixels is a sexy toe at sixty-two just finished my death is tight and now i see no 4 and it’s now 2 more professional in the other icon dj show and so popular i think nothing about fate better than the first thing with a we in stable wordpress them just back primary header what we can do right now with the logo from the elevator that one you know right we can change at mine clicking here marijtie no reason why should it is you go to alarm great website you see then also put water then mix with right side shows what the commerce people and dear tess it has become as well as and Click over here and see the logos in the middle and milo is my your its seem to offer turn to our can the seabed and your banner snowman your and words if i get a dollar can add something mr edgar wright of the contact patch agco other from search icon

well as kind of icon or he can add your own text for excelsior no two pool the never want to and out looks like that i would be a solid one special things about here with just a little message

to get some attention medion pc yes that’s so called lyve charity fingers or ipad so this what you can do or you can put there the widget widgets ar edition an email service function website for instance search box

be risk torrential rains commons archives calgary glasses would be sister plain text and see no reason why should add en reign and sweetheart sdcc lang den about here again from small board there sounds crazy in crisis no and nancy whether we can change color or to blue collar iphone google chrome extension over here is the color i eyedropper level mount the colors

or my logo and just have rover it and click on it

people of and can use no 4 ipad and and icons and i know what a man to be free software right that if you want to pieces euro

i see nothing like and cd to unlock the why not the header wit and mix site smaller than moment meines meines meines and well evc the header white I add the sidel about itself the oil you find in the menu is the oils right and like to be content waving dear tess des granges euros and

and here for the submenu container border service at menu over and there are border and see it costs to pixels part so I would eat and pixels after for about hp this bar of huh ik en jay-z can change color if you want to make a green apple ipad i already have so jane solving 7 goes with this for for for pixel that ‘right bottom left and look like this els rkc for over here also eyes off you can do electric to nothing nothing nothing like to clear the color and this blog and

by designing sap menu item border that least between these items and like that night ate just as wet as caesar on her because of his goal yes like that a like it right now of half about this fact that the matter in our order I slide it to death instantly

leave a like it he can say goodbye click publish

The first opinion breakpoint narrows the family site

once you agree to mobile what is it already mega anyway smaller than a can make a smaller is getting old

getting mobile money to write now here is the breakpoint nike mega smaller caesar with c six hundred is silent and mini ipad and lo lo de waistband is so fine make this a hundred and ict three quarters is here so this kind you can change he love that falls and click here and info 9 smaller see the site and over here hello all to show that is an icon

but esselink yes then see the difference charlie time icann icann change ‘toggle button style to outline I hear this a lot

and ajax make a like minimal changing colors for one two the this is import family highlight tc men your laptop and wise that may be mine ow en outline

castle people click now with the fans of the series yes no want to be as big as possible sorry of iphone i have this area and can be hard for people to touch this area water vapor taillights e-mail and jerry jas bikker if they all have to add logo in linguistics menu button milo i think this after samsung let you be there

something too narrow glitches you save it and fork and that’s the game more options available for mobile there is in the aura pro version popular and leds continuous easy here the go back to the slice became the blog archive page it’s this little bit over here with all the blog post one two three in my all the widgetts

here from the site and how to set the single pope and click on the blog post tennessee’s single post will have larger blog page and all to customize the blog for slag edgar and by our show nexor there is one

narrow text or blog post increase click on read more

order because show the front et vous can at least sea quite a blogpost like to show that shirt by want to show the video team edge of a grief in that old look that could have a like image as a user through our show the bible and block made a yes

what can be done with adh 12 the show part of the show the comments grandpa is unchecked solid about here with hobby can 2 series category

if you did that behind each and show the partners and like and share taxi elevates him can also change your hair by dragging the blog that de did the category in the take it seems

blog lace and white what is it akc custom

well i i have it narrower for inches

like that by si no reason why choose you can do it ride like it pc that falls publish the world and look at the single post will click to the single post blog post click here high end game of check the featured image

he can check the tidal blog in the middle and here one to show your comments calgary and paulus always pretended here already knows jesus ice so we need this with the now blog archive at and want to keep it at nieveld got all the shit he go back to go back the sidebar the sidebar here must like too a widgets two kinds of right hear it lay or do while at poncho sidebar sorry then and like the cyber at right and some pages francis h combat through our show sidebar why normal pages and do not want to show and sidebar al jette blog posts that’s the name of the blog post with the block him starck eyes and a you don’t i go to the blank page that’s also a change as white as the sidebar evolution for now percent john grisham this will decrease my pink 72 great

it just beak and cultures mother mother widgets for instance and and you can and facebook like box and instagram follow aria the life blog post and the life portfolio the thumpy after he hit the sea ever before you had swatch oh there it is possible to go back take the feeding trough district and de zeeuw ever over here nice show de like this well then see it wouldn’t be in partnership with a close it and then some can customize game and share then click customize

scroll down it so i will add no hand powder powder bar and also say to arias the sky was and in a right one

section what he can and vacas recognize a text changes sorry this information for instance this section to hack and show the footer menu what we do not many like so any to assign thumping

through our show this at food the granny of exquisite narrower and so mythology and te left her intelligent right side and want at chc

content wit by amanda rijff it to bar or here so fancy fair those pixels public jamaican color one may be blue and free

so a little bit sees them this kind of you can do

he go back to go back now go back it was layout and publish it and then if the colors and backgrounds click the base caleb’s all to use the color or my logo became so thin hackney color over here

with the color this a rapper but the levers that

sybase the here link ‘color the same color de text color’ is for for for for for for the darker the link oat color ken medicine blue collar pay and pray ride there so much it seems

the hague and change background color white now this color and en indes max ocean die cee’d from publish it might go to the homepage you see beds right now this color he can change into something so roy extreme what my butt with create

orangana the back-hand image

select and you seen as background

and aac nori piet cover spro

skin player on budget ride like it i like it i background music arie muvit

single beak and has a manger we can change and scholars mouthwatering change the tourette franssens to light gray

dat changeling color to green

this link in a story for about link wat color show i can say dark blue light at them this you could change and scholars and clear the mole and our hercules the cat paul there image image


go back to back and publish it and that great topography by the beast ipod or iphone add a blog post for it

privacy the later on here he can not sit or not if

or just the fault system because he knows jesus ice arnouts 15 a case a week it and then the grand jury small

schools of thought great you can read it and it’s not too big delight you can change it i can bring it back in often go to blog post could see all the paragraphs how much space ns

a like to increase are bit too to point 5 and the slope surely be different style that font font just as okay he can make it bolt own dear seemed the park kees you have to like the terms that he normally did smaller gonna make it smaller go back to content

and so the slope is already heading to pc mac a smaller like that

will be right that seems its own politics and the elsa for all those other things per all your selling to my blog post echo back

below you can change font size can write idea about something fifteen miles back to the block the single post why your right now

the fun size or the tidal mistake are fifties sixties in the country lubbeek sarge sector-25

you can get that boring cattle because dime can change at care and no way ft blog archive sophie larger blog archive


summary box idle you can cz hadn’t seen the change you can change it’s okay go back now go back and roll

back so this was my pack of coffee and never take a look at buttons hm and your you don’t know a move in the mouth and you can also janet ruler right now vision photography the of your chain converts to

release at jc videography first check and check it out here you can really get items or angry or categories two women in this post easily all pee actually very much and i did take it there

recent blog post no it would publish it you see you often walked over here you want a blog post so noise can change the main your do it nmf the widgets at cars are serious about here and again the line sidebar committee search recent posts recent comments for example, search recently posts now it is commons so medium small

website address starling and he then from the show the collins peak if ternatse what your comments engines click on here no belt hit singles advance guys come here roelof do some char gallagher east personal web design negroponte show more adh you would be less so fat so what you can please here you can

add facebook like box is and jenn s en aller aller stuff i go back to lubricate the homepage thesis on this already selects the homepage and here the blog page selects no way r & d snol css

let me show you something over here if everyone’s quite some distance between the age to in paragraph so you can copy this more time this page to opening friends having closing

and aac margin in the folds cfr those pixels have this caesar salad space over eva hood is for times furby furby and furby and pixels

oh x-plane the amc the tab driver those pixels and right driver those pixels the builder driver those pixels and legendary pixels

select a left on 12 euros the debate and the second one hand and thorough in fresh malthus euro put the tab microsite and only twenty they are toe pairing

and freshness tab mes a fifty i see everything peso fire bright bottom pkc ten hear eg male voice

it doesn’t work as soon as I do one [Music]

greater paragraph pi opening closing margin

[Music] european as job pixels

job pixels and european life here survey tap and typing intro margin a man’s voice

in china those risks when header search it may be my direction like that so very finished in chili chili muvit

and have a margin or paragraph with a margin at top line direction such this is you know my 7 meter using custom css

the publish it and those worlds settings in the free version and close it and well this website has three blog post

he wants an ice header with a live every weekend shine him and you about lord and old james warmer caught my in to go to many us for that and here’s the bout and die change anything to wave capitals say about in capitals

services I am talking to us

save my your ok them to looks like this hi think

this is great looks beautiful and our blog page is the book of reading with poor jets in vatican a blog post

it looks like it’s a like it did what you can do

using free version of extra in older free themes and use and use free elementary page mulder great page will do love stories about that if i go to youtube and search for furby whole mentor [Music] soul or tutorials about my work person

will you elements pro for elements pro play all the element sex with our how to make a wordpress website with the free version of all mentor of free elements explains him no long howl tutorials about this

would chant learn how to make your website or how to make website where in one hour you westra 10 you can watch this video so what you can do with in this video shows only to focus from extra sr pro

s4 mini agency in the extra agency bundle will show

editing and know about all the great features we have push the free version or additional anti-tumor function for hair and the sectorial the first and down to get whole mentor xyloto furby corp after that oats on tutorials and go to all en st

tutorial and scroll down a click on get whole mentor and winters traders as one pro version ben this case outings design the free version with click here sweet but email address peak as who can get updates drivers discount by one new feature original fancy just want to download elementary yes box great the back-end tool plugins the new path is still running and when they are bright and there he has easy to open in store now after activator park in the second single and do for the single the tutorial dose of enthusiastic templates driver complete website and aa focus on other great things maud extra zo n go to furl i could not

come and get ye go to templates elly my name and email address your channel subscribe and miela i want to be made package and enjoy the european central staff

was with now not i go to my gmail account or whatever i marked dim and gmail

now actually a get the template pack and icon

the template vector icon download a pack led olimpo rolls templates at once on to download the template pack and open it

and here he license plate counter an image so your luxury of like it a can import it took this far incense ic

tense but it is biologically blue one

house the colt media business most version free time go ‘thieves dashboard and mentor my templates and basically all imports

templates had youssef el actor template pack my search for media business paid version free open import now and effort and science

is there also the website the homepage and click on edit page and the all mentor invasion white screen is just back big

element he likes best in settings

is 7 changes and guide go to the homepage

rs models mentor and old words and a click on this item is folder easy on my templates and a insert so templates

yes that’s it he update it and he take a look at the

filled with click mechanism aike

well it seems

luc spread my legs so that’s what wanted to for every page you can find more templates here from elements and can select amanda faye elements of complete pages camping postage signature

website and nex video for alka bad ass 2 pro

and premium version astra thank you for watching every day subscribe for more of my videos live video like this

and he was timid nextime shoko living on to get t

powder is used for widget area and free version or additional information terriers zygote widgets seen nothing that i go to red powder powder widgets and ipod and iphone so all your sb project more options

light on every now and forth omega-3 back to go back to back in anger widgets widget area one and

extra chance with the view widgets who can also download us mod in evening show any minute now starting points simple image

sc very good media and on to download manager

let me see this one of the white one added on the fuck is that the bigger second one an ex-soldier the nicer the shot manager at go for text magic flight search for text

pkc about as mac and pc text it is [Music]

then big feet to it

neck and caesar recent posts we are only recent posts nice that you are listening

maria free spool then look it up widget nash church for easy facebook like box

nicee like us on facebook



the website is for flash version korpershoek and more bold you would see is the white and biology with narrower to for the two hundred ipad and i don’t know who from football and xlii hello what may be instagram and if there fucking forget that jazz music of the time has come in many navigation menu she menu and swallowed my opinion and as c sitemap them or publish it like me in the tutorial but just the restaurant in the free version i know and neighbors for header beautiful powder it is area about here not substantiated the blog page no because display fix on a blog archive well my blog post is

and ran up with cyber balances options as we in the free version or astra and in a ex video world ecologist at sg pro what is possible using a shop pro is jaunty user figure of dennis great is your some irish pro version or mini mini agency for the agency and yet why off with all that tick for watching this video i hope you learn and tan of stuff feel free to like this video to subscribe for more videos and download cancel great day no us june next time but at


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