Hamzah Shop A free woocommerce theme tutorial


hello Brock this is seaman Evo in this video tutorial I am going to install and configure Hamza shop who Kumar’s free theme in my demo site and you can also use in your e-commerce project okay let’s get to get started and before I start please be hurry start please don’t forget to subscribe my youtube channel in this youtube channel i’ll always upload videos on earth pressure uka Mars and etc so I’m going to give this name and and coming back to the dashboard of my or and I am in the dashboard of my oarfish website from here I’m going to click on themes and add new I am going to search for Hamza shop theme

Hamzah Shop A free woocommerce theme tutorial

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here it is here is the under shop theme and at this moment there are preview image isn’t available for some reason and I’m going just just I’m going to hit this install button and that theme has been installed and it’s time to active ok as you can see it

the Hamzah shop theme has been

downloaded and activated these theme recommends the following plugins and if you go to the install plugins menu you will see all of this and what I’m going to do save this all the plugins and hit this bulk action and install apply so all the recommended flag will be installed automatically ok the required plugins are installed already so go to the themes menu here it is and firstly what I will Jews as check the menus I have cuted this – and the main menu here is main menu and you can name it whatever you want and I’m going to just select this main menu to the hamza shop team and i’m going to do this from here – location and this theme supports several menus my my account after login and my account before logging sutra mellows but I’m going to add main menu in the primary menu area and I’m going to hit the Save Changes button okay the menu has been selected let’s check the home page I’m in the shop base so click here and visit site

ok here it is here is the shop page for okay Hamza shop theme and let’s take the customization option of the theme and you can do this from here or just from here as you can see I’m going to do this from here

okay you will get this following options in the customizer in Hamza shop theme okay this is the pro version link and site identity you can sense whatever you want

yes drawer and put tagline here this is very basic and you will get this options in everything next light theme option I mean the options available in the free version of Hamza shopped him okay like theme options you can see in the page layout sidebar without sidebar block layout sidebar without sidebar shop layout you can as you can see it has cyber in the shop page and if you want without sidebar now you can see no sidebar is available in the shop page but if you want sidebar just come here and show this and it changes in astounding okay and copyright text there is dub copyright text comes with that theme and if you change copyright this suppose say for example themes code you can see it changes automatically okay Tim’s got nice and let’s get back and let’s see the color options you can change the header color because I’m going to make this on and it changes automatically background color etc and header image you can add header image if you want and background image you can see in the menos from here and let’s see the wizards

I will talk about the wizards later from the dashboard and a static font face I have saved the shop page as the static font face I mean whenever someone come to my site the fast pace the visitor will see will be the shop page and you can set pages for the block whatever and additional CSS you can add any CSS to hide any Meno etc if you just want to hide anything else just you can add CSS here okay let’s see the widgets from the dashboard under the appearance menu you will get wizards and let’s see the users and you will get several widgets from this theme home page sidebar home page sorry home page sidebar slider the static front page content put our top sidebar footer sidebar right sidebar okay you will get this five sidebar areas I mean wizard iced areas in this theme okay and let’s check some side where okay footer sidebar I am going to put product categories here and let’s see what happens

here it is and shooter sidebar shooter top sidebar

product X in the top sidebar the school and home page slider sidebar you can pour something here I’m going to create a new page to say whether this theme has any page template I’m going to get a new place

from here okay


and in this theme well you can also use TCU commerce products slider plug-in to create a product slider okay you can also use TCU commerce products slider with these hums our shop theme in your restore to create a product slider like this okay is cool and it has quick view options pretty cool so that’s all thank you for watching hope you will enjoy this video and don’t forget to subscribe my youtube channel and enjoy comes a sharp theme and TCU commerce product lineup right bye bye


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