How to Backup and Clone a WordPress Website


In this article i am going to show you How to Backup and Clone a WordPress Website. Take a look at my website USA now take a look at this all the subdomain which is clone the USA

it has the exact same content the exact same pictures categories pages logo as my primary website. now how did this happen I simply made a clone of my primary website now if you want to learn how to do the same.

stay tuned that’s coming up in this episode of the Wpideahub well greetings and salutations. and welcome to another episode of the Wpideahub. Today I am going to show you how to backup and duplicate your entire workforce website. we are going to be making use of a plugin known as the duplicate. oh it is by Corey lammle and Bob Riley. and as you can see this is a very popular plug-in with over 900 thousand downloads. and the ratings are simply incredible. now in all the photos to make a clone of our WordPress website. we are going to need three bins first ones first we’re going to need a domain for our clone website. so this can either be a sub-domain of the site that we want to clone or it can be a separate domain altogether.

I am going to be making a clone of my website here which is the UFO blog or calm. so I am going to create a subdomain of this particular website the second thing. we are going to need is a database that will host the files for our clone website. and then third we are going to need an FTP account because we are going to be transferring files from our computer to our own website via FTP. I already have an FTP account but I do not have a subdomain. and I do not have a database for my club website. so let’s go ahead right now and create a subdomain for the UFO website and I am over here in my cPanel. I host with a side round which is the very best web hosting company there is so in the domains section of.

click on subdomains and very simply in here for the subdomain. I’m going to type in clone and then I’m going to choose the main domain which is UFO blocker calm. and I’ll just click on create and we are done we have created the subdomain. let’s go back to the cPanel home the next we’re going to do right now is to create a database. let’s come all the way down here to MySQL database wizard now for the name of the database. I’m simply going to say clone next step let’s create a user which would be cloner and for the password.

let’s use the password generator let me copy this and paste that somewhere safe ok let’s use the password. let’s create a user and I’ll assign all privileges to this user. and we don’t so we have created a database which is a clone we have a user cloner and we have a password awesome. now let’s go to the back end of our UFO. website I have already installed and activated the duplicator plug-in. and you can see that now I do have the tab in here I’m going to click on packages. now in the duplicator terminology a package simply refers to a backup. so I haven’t created any backups yet and that’s why we have no packages found. so I am going to click on create new over here now you will see on the top here we have requirements pass. now this is basically just a way for the plug-in to ensure that our system requirements must pass in order for the plugin to work properly. and you can see right now we have requirements for PHP support required paths of support. and also reserved files now hopefully if you’re doing this along with me. you also have a personal form if you don’t there might be something wrong with your web hosting package you might want to contact your web host.

and try to figure out what exactly is going on now for the name. we can change the name in here. let’s just simply say backup BB the name of our backup. now for storage this simply refers to the temporary location where our backup will be stored for the archive. if for some we use in you wanted to exclude setting tables from your database from being duplicated you can simply click on database in here check the Enable table filters. and then choose the specific tables that you would like to duplicate those that you don’t check would not be duplicated. however I do not know why you want to do something like this. I mean the whole point of duplicating your site is so that you can have the exact same copy of your website on another domain right. so let me just uncheck this it close this and finally we have the instrument section where we’ll ignore this for now. because we can make the same settings and changes later on in the video so I’ll just go ahead right now. and click Next so the plug-in once again is scanning the side it’s going through all the files that we have on our WordPress website. but now you can see we do have some warnings first of all we have one in here for WordPress let’s see what this is about okay. so it tells us that is something wrong with our cache cache data will lead to issues at install time.

and increases your archive size it is recommended to empty your cache directory at Build time so here’s a sense though whenever you have warnings. it doesn’t necessarily mean that the duplication process won’t work it’s just a way of telling you that there might be some issues. so you can either go ahead and attempt to run the process or you can simply take care of the issues. I am going to go ahead right now and empty my cache you can see right now. I have two paths right here. so I’m just going to go ahead to the cache folder and I’m going to empty whatever I have in there there is another one in in here for large files. and this is because I do have some audio files in my media library I’m just quickly show you library and you can see right now. I do have an audio file in here and the size is three megabytes and you can see and according to the plug-in. it says that well the current check for large files is to be megabytes megabytes per file so in such a scenario.

I can either choose to delete my audio file or I can just go ahead and keep it I am going to keep it I am NOT going to delete the audio file. and finally we have table details we have another warning in here which is well quite frankly some advanced stuff in here. so I’m going to go ahead and ignore this we actually don’t need to change anything in here the reason why I’m showing you all of this is so that you can know that sometimes you would not have good on every single requirement. so what I’m going to do right now is to pause the video I’m going to go ahead and empty the cache. and then I’ll come back here and do a rescan okay I’m back and I have emptied the cash so what I’m going to do right now is to come back here and click on rescan.

so let’s see what we have over again all right awesome. so now you can see that a cache pass now gives us the good pass we’ve now passed that. because we’ve emptied the cash we still have one in for the large files. but that’s because I did not delete the audio file and for the table details again like I said I’m not going to bother myself with that. so let’s go ahead right now click the checkbox in here. and let’s go ahead right now and build. so right now the plug-in is basically making a backup of our and tile or press website. so this might take a while I think I’ll just pause the video once again.

and then oh so it’s actually created the backup in nine point seven six seconds. okay I think using bowls actually ran the hundred meters faster than that. but who cares anyway we now have two separate files we have the installer which is the actual program that will do the cloning and then we have the archive which is the actual backup of our WordPress website.

so I am going to download both files right now by simply clicking on the buttons this might take a while. so pause the video once again and resume once the download as you can see right here as completed okay.

I’m back and it’s again free I have successfully downloaded the backup and the installer files. now I am going to drag my FTP software which is FileZilla in here and you can see right now. I have connected to the clone website and over here I do have to backup and install uh. so I am simply going to copy both and I’m going to upload them to the public HTML directory of my clone website. so this again what might take a while as you can see so I’m going to pause the video once again.

go grab myself a cup of coffee and I’ll resume the video once the upload has been completed okie dokie we’re back and as you can see right now I have successfully uploaded the backup. and the installable PHP files to the public HTML directory of our own website so let me just drag this away. and now I am going to bring over the clone dot UFO website and the URL.

I am going to add a forward slash and I am going to run the Installer to a PHP file press ENTER and now okay cool awesome so in here we’ll have to add the credentials for the database that we created earlier in the video. so the database is a mary 6 1 8 clone the user I believe was cloner and for the password. I’m just going to copy the password from my text file in here.

let’s copy that I’m going to paste that right here. let’s test the connection and the ere you go we’ve successfully connected to the database. so I’m just simply going to click on the check box in here that says I have read and accept with all warnings and notices even though.

I really didn’t read anything I’ll go ahead right now and want deployment yes. let’s do it

so right now the cloning process is underway okay. let’s now go ahead and run the updates it’s updating the files and database right now. and there you go the final steps now is we can either save or premier links. we can test the site we can do a security cleanup as well. let’s go ahead click on test site and take a look at that we have the clone that you have look at the chrome website exactly as we have our main website. which is UFO UFO catacomb as you can see also oil there’s almost we can do which is to do a security cleanup. where we can remove all the unnecessary files that were used to in the duplication and cloning process.


so let’s go ahead and click OK in here and now I am going to log N and there you go so in here. right now we can go ahead right now. and clean all the necessary files. let’s delete the result files. let’s go ahead and delete the legacy data ok. and finally we can clear build cache as well. let’s do that and yeah you go so we’ve cleaned up all the unnecessary files and our clone website and as you can see once again it is exactly the same as the actual website itself as you can see the exact same files the exact same pictures the exact same plugins as well as you can see. let’s take a look plugins Akismet likes to do contact form let’s take a look at the clone plugins yep Akismet likes to do contact form and so on. and so forth so that’s exactly how to make a backup and a duplicate a clone of your WordPress website using the powerful duplicator plugin.

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