How to Highlight items on mac and Windows

I come with a very quick but super handy guide for you here. This tutorial is not DIVI related and it’s not CMS related even it’s not web-design related. Although this little trick has helped me and my web design business and my sanity dramatically over the years and that is “How to highlight on mac“. Also in this tutorial, I will show “How to highlight in PDF windows 10“. So the idea here is if you have a screenshot or something visual that you want to send to a client something you want to highlight there’s a lot of ways to go about it. I do this very effectively with the program preview on Mac. In the windows program, I use the Lightshot Application.

So for example, you’re working with a client and they ask you “Hey I want to be able to turn on emails whenever a client posts on my blog or comments on my blog”. You could very easily just write them an email and list it out. Although I have found that clients particularly those who are a little more visual still get confused. WordPress if it’s new to them. You can tell them to go under Settings > Discussion > Email me whenever and then you could tell them what he could. 

How to Circle or Highlight an item in Preview on Mac:

Now you could do a full screenshot with your browser. On Mac, you can also hold shift command 4. You can do a targeted screenshot and you can basically draw the shape of it. So we’re going to take a screenshot and then I’ve got that on my desktop. Now what we want to do is highlight that little section and send it to our client. So I’m gonna right-click and do open with and then we’re gonna open with preview, which is usually default on Mac. So when you open preview it’s there are quite a few little adjustments that you can make and some really cool things. It’s not really an image editor or a content editor but I use this trick probably almost daily. So, you can highlight what they can do. Now following steps below:-

1. Click the Show makeup toolbar

2. Set your desire color

3. Select Circle or the shape of the others that you want

4. Stretch Circle or shape around items

5. Go to File > Export > Set Format > Save

Now you can send it to your clients. It’s a great way to save some time.

How to Highlight PDF on Mac:

You can also highlight PDF too. So just right click on the PDF files and open this up with preview. If you wanted to highlight text from something. You can actually do that very easily with preview. Now You can go in the text highlight something and go up to the little highlighter. You can make it a certain color really cool things you can do with highlighting that way. 

So this is another way to highlight pdf on mac.

How to Highlight on windows 10:

If you use windows then you have the ability to use the snipping tool. It has a lot of benefits and nice features added to the snipping tool on windows. So to access this snipping tool it’s very simple. You would just go on to the start menu and then just type in the snipping tool. So the icon will have a little circle of a red board around it and a pair of scissors. So you want a left click on it so this tool might look. 

Now click on the new and also you can use the snipping tool shortcut that is (Alt + N). Then just select the entire area. Now you can see different options to edit and highlight something of the picture.

Keyboard Shortcut for Snipping tool:

To take a new screenshot press Alt + N keys

For save screenshot press Ctrl + S keys

To copy the clipboard press Ctrl + C keys

The best tool for screenshots – Lightshot screenshot

Are you looking for the best screenshot tool for mac and the best screenshot tool for windows 10? Now, I am going to show you another free screen capture and share software light shot that lets you capture screenshots annotate them and share them with your team or collaborators or friends. This can be handy in web design projects or in remote software tutorial projects or when you want to record an issue for your IT support department or much more. To obtain the software go to Google and search Google for Lightshot. It is this first one here with a website called.

A quick look here shows me they have the software for Mac and Windows. As your program, you download one. Once you download and install as you would with any other programs you will have an icon in the Start menu where you can open the program. Once you open the program you will notice another icon on the tray down here below on the right.

Screenshot keyboard shortcut:

If you had no other screen capture software on your computer before installing your install you can open the program by the keyboard shortcut print screen. If you had no other screen capture software on your computer before installing your install you can open the program by the keyboard shortcut print screen. But now I am going to show you how you can make the Print Screen key to be used by this program or how you can change it into some other keyboard shortcut there keeping it simple and straightforward.

Step-1: Click on this car it below in the tray 

Step-2: Then right-click on the software icon 

Step-3: Choose options you will see the window come up with tabs 

Step-4: Now click on the hotkeys you can define the hotkeys to ones of your choice here 

How to use Lightshot:

Now to use the program click on this fader or use the shortcut print screen. The screen will get darker and you will see an instructing hovering text on the causal telling you to select the area all you have to do. Now is to left mouse click and drag the mouse over the area of the screen you need to screenshot. Then you can see the area will lighten up. Once you have selected an area of interest you can still grab the window to its site on these handles and make that adjustment if you wish to.

Look at the tools, the first you will take the pencil tool you can click on it and do the freehand drawing. Also, you can write some text freehand. And you may wonder how you quilt increase or decrease the width or thickness of the line. You can do this by scrolling on the mouse wheel if you have one scroll forward to reduce the size and backward to increase the size of the object. This way of increasing or decreasing the size of the object applies to all other features of the toolbox be it lines text or some other things.

Next, you can draw straight lines using this line tool by left mouse clicking on the line tool and drawing on the board. Also, you can increase or reduce the size by using the mouse wheel.

Next, you can use the arrow tool for pointing to things within your screenshot. 

And the next one is the rectangle tool which you can use to pull over an area of interest to highlight it.

You can use the highlight tool to highlight some text just like you will use some marker to highlight text on paper.

The text tool could be used to write some text and like before you called increase or decrease the size using the mouse wheel even after you have typed in the text and you could grab this text box to move the text around if you wish to.

And before using a tool you could choose the color from here below by clicking on this color tool getting one of the colors in this palette. 

How to Send Screenshot:

If done with your screenshot you can upload the image to by clicking the icon upload image and you can open or copy the link and send it to your client.

Now back to our screenshot to see different ways of sharing you can click on the social share icon to share it on social networks like Twitter Facebook. And next, you can click on the google icon or press Ctrl + g to search similar images on Google. And next, you can click the print icon or press Ctrl + P to print the image directly. Also, You can click the copy icon or press Ctrl + C to copy the image into your clipboard and paste somewhere else. And finally, you can click the save icon or press Ctrl + S to save the image on your computer and next you can click the close icon or press Ctrl + X to exit the program. 

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