Learn How to Optimize Your WordPress Images – With WP Smush Plugin


Hello boys and girls and welcome to another episode of plugin reviews here at Wpideahub and today we’re gonna be talking about a plugin called WP Smosh. and this plugin is one of my new found favorite plugins I literally just discovered this plugin a few weeks ago. and all I can say about this plugin is that it is freaking awesome. so what this plugin does is that it simply improves your SEO ranking and helps to speed up your website. now how does it do this two things well it’s called functionality is it reduces the sizes of your images.

and it’s a well-known fact that search engines like Google and Bing and Yahoo. they absolutely love a website that looks very quickly when a website loads quickly. it shows that your website is well maintained and Google will thank you really really high now one way how your website can go very quickly is if you have either very limited images or the images you have on your website have been optimized to load very quickly and this is exactly where the WP Smosh plugin comes into play what this plugin does is that. it simply reduces all the sizes of your images it reduces all your images to the smallest possible size without losing any quality from those images. so basically you’re getting the best of both worlds you’re getting your images which are still very clear. but at the same time you’re getting images that are not bulky and would not take up to much resources for them to load alright so that’s the beauty about this plug-in and it’s created by the team of WP mu dev and these guys are literally superheroes I absolutely love the work that these guys do it’s just simply amazing.

alright so what I’m gonna do is to install the plug-in on my head don’tjust this film website so let’s go ahead and type WP Smurf.

and let’s install it and of course we are going to activate the plug-in all right. so now that’s activated you can see over here we have a message from the team saying happy smashing welcome to the all-new WP Smosh bla bla bla bla bla. now of course they’ve got a pro version which has more features and we’ll talk about that in just a little bit. but what I want to do right now is to come down to my media and for meet it and click on WP Smosh. and this will bring us down to the page where we can smush all our images. now you notice over here that by default you have the box that says as much images on upload has been ticked which means that from this point on any image that we upload into a media library will be automatically smushed ok awesome. now let’s talk about the pro features available quite possibly the best feature that they have on the professional version is the fact that you can actually Smosh the original image now in case you’re not aware of this whenever you upload your image to WordPress WordPress creates four.

additional sizes from that image you have the thumbnail size you have the medium size the large size and then the full size of the image. so the free version of dub of WP Smosh will optimize those four variations of that image. but it won’t optimize the original image that you actually upload it to your media library. but with the professional version it will actually optimize every single image it optimize basically all the five variations the original size the full size large size dominium says and of course the thumbnail size. now of course you can also do additional things like super smush your images with a lossy image compression you can also enable next-gen gallery integration if you’re familiar with this plug-in this is an awesome plug-in for crating galleries. so you can actually integrate the next-gen gallery plugin with your WP smush plugin and of course you can also backup original images as well one other limitation is that you can only 50 images at the very same time with the free version.

while with the professional version I guess you can optimize as many images as you want. so it’s kind of a few things to think about but nevertheless I still believe the free version is really really awesome alright. so over here I’m just open my library just to give you guys an idea of what I have in my library. and of course you imagine I have images of Batman Superman doomsday alright so let’s just go ahead and we can talk Smosh now just click that and let’s watch the action.

that’s the okay it says all done okay awesome all right so it says 13 of our images have been smushed which is that’s great and oh by the way one other thing I forgot to mention is that with the free version of this plug-in. you can’t optimize images that have over 1 mega byte and ok that’s another limitation of the free version of this plug-in. so whenever you’re uploading images if you decide to stick with the free version of this plug-in please do not upload images larger than one mega byte all right. so let’s come back down to our media library let’s refresh and let’s see all right now we can also choose to smush our images individually so say for example if I wanted to smush.

mr. Lex Luthor right here you can see right here we have the double switch that says three images reduced by ten point two nine kilobyte seven point nine percent has been optimized. let’s look at another one this one has been optimized as well these image was already optimized by the way before we need W smushed it.

so that’s why the plugin did not choose to so much this image because it was already optimized the time we uploaded it alright and yeah and so on and so see right now the plugin did its.

job it was able to smush all these images and that’s right. and because of that our website now will will now load faster and of course SEO rankings will shoot through the roof hopefully. now if we decide to upload a brand new image we could choose to simply smush those that image individually. so what I’m gonna do right now is I’m going to upload a new image and I’m going to smush it manually okay. so first I’m gonna do is to come back down here and remove this automatic selection that smashes our images automatically on upload. let’s save our changes. now let me come back down here and add some new images. let’s go ahead and add Gotham City and metropolis it’s open that Hey alright so now we’ve got two additional images that have not been smushed.

so let me just click on the first one here and now down here you can see we have the bottom here that says Smosh now because I’m gonna click so much now it’s mush and smashing and now you can see this has been optimized by 11.6% let me click forward. and now we have the next image which I’m going to smush as well and for images were reduced by thirteen point five one kilobyte 6.5% awesome.


so let me just come back down here and check this box again make sure that all images I upload from now on will be smushed automatically. so that’s pretty much how the WP Smosh plug-in works it’s an amazing plugin and it’s very lightweight which means that it doesn’t take too many resources for it’s a function. it only functions whenever a new image has been uploaded or if you’d like to smush your images manually. and like I said it’s an awesome plugin it’s great for helping you improve the speed of the website and as a result but also improve your SEO or ranking.


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