Overview of All The Enfold Elements (Enfold Theme For WordPress)


Hi, guys in this chapter we will talk about the advanced layout editor if you take a look at the header over here we created this with the FL theme settings if you scroll down over here we do this with the widgets and the widget areas and this we created also with the enfold theme options but this and this and this and this if we go to the about page and this complete page with all these elements and Colour sections and same goes for portfolio block contact we all did that with the advanced layout editor and in this chapter.

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we will talk about all the elements we have in the advanced layout editor if you hover over services you see we have the layout elements the media elements the content elements and I will walk through all these elements and show you step-by-step how they work and show you few different examples if you click on one of these elements you can see what the possibilities are and if you want to learn how to make it then watch the tutorial because I will walk through all these elements and show you how they work we will start with the layout elements then go to the content elements and after that work with media elements if I click on the color section and I open it in a new tab and I edit the page over here you will see the layout elements color section grid will Deb section you see it also here color section grid will tab section then we have the content elements text block separator special heading and also here it’s the same order text block

separating special heading and then we have the media elements image image with hotspots video and you see it also here image which would help us a video so if you navigate over services you can choose an element and you can click on it and see what possibilities are and then you can watch the tutorial about that element one more thing if I go to the backend and I go to layout elements you see here all the

different sizes I can have a one-on-one element and in that I can place a Content element or a media element for instance an image but also a text block accordion if I make this bigger over here and I scroll down and I go to the layout elements I can also have two half parts like this and I can drag things in it like that and in that way you can also have two thirds if you click once and one third you can make this smaller you can make this bigger I can put content elements and media elements and plug-in additions in it if I go back to layout elements.


I will not walk through all these in a separate video because they speak for themselves I’ve explained a little bit about it and you can close them that’s how it works and in all those tutorials we’ll definitely talk about these areas but I have no different separate video for all these elements because that’s not necessary I close them I close this and in the next video we’ll take a look at the color section.


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