The Text Block Element Tutorial (Enfold Theme For WordPress)

Introduction in this tutorial, i will take a look at the photo services text blocks text block and edit it page ah sorry i know the text block he had kill your content elementary click one-time on the text block over here and icann at my own text so hey agent start typing so lets … Read more

The Color Section Tutorial (Enfold Theme For WordPress)

Introduction In this tutorial i will take a look at the color section my photo services when layout element color section macro and edit page and will not make use if the thief falls out of the brewer joosten the french layout editor as journalists evia layout mulder and here see the layout element balance … Read more

Overview of All The Enfold Elements (Enfold Theme For WordPress)

enfold theme

Introduction Hi, guys in this chapter we will talk about the advanced layout editor if you take a look at the header over here we created this with the FL theme settings if you scroll down over here we do this with the widgets and the widget areas and this we created also with the … Read more

How to Add SSL Certificate to your WordPress Website

Add SSL Certificate

Introduction Today you how you can add ssl to your purse website hi and welcome to the WPIDEAHUB have you ever heard of the term SSL well if you haven’t SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. and there are two major reasons why you want to have SSL running on your WordPress website. reason number … Read more