How to Add SSL Certificate to your WordPress Website

Add SSL Certificate

Introduction Today you how you can add ssl to your purse website hi and welcome to the WPIDEAHUB have you ever heard of the term SSL well if you haven’t SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. and there are two major reasons why you want to have SSL running on your WordPress website. reason number … Read more

How to Build Slides in WordPress with Soliloquy Plugin

Soliloquy Plugin

well hello and welcome to another episode of the Wpideahub.  I hope you’re doing well today we’re going to explore how to create video and image sliders using the fastest and the most responsive. WordPress slider plug-in and the plug-in is called it is so little qui plug-in now up until about a few weeks … Read more

How to Create WordPress Child Themes – The Complete Guide

in today’s episode we’re gonna cover everything about what Chris how’s things hey guys welcome to another episode of the web monkey.  today we are talking about everyone’s favorite topic WordPress child themes. we’re going to cover everything about child themes.  what are they how do we use them?  why would we need to use … Read more

How to Backup and Clone a WordPress Website

Backup and Clone

Introduction In this article i am going to show you How to Backup and Clone a WordPress Website. Take a look at my website USA now take a look at this all the subdomain which is clone the USA it has the exact same content the exact same pictures categories pages logo as … Read more

The Content Views Plugin – How to Create Blog Post Grids in WordPress

Content Views Plugin

Hello and welcome to another awesome tutorial – Content Views Plugin. Today I’m going to show you how you can display your WordPress posts in the form of a grid. and over here I’ve got some examples you can see over here we have a three-column our grid featuring. the featured image the title of … Read more