The Color Section Tutorial (Enfold Theme For WordPress)


In this tutorial i will take a look at the color section my photo services when layout element color section

macro and edit page and will not make use if the thief falls out of the brewer joosten the french layout editor as

journalists evia layout mulder and here see the layout element balance cells human is the coal section and maybe i think what is the difference between the one a man section and color section from gladys over here he kennel jack the different element in becoming the franchise and out doing it now has options salutation in a color section zoë muvit

and one click and the color section and make this big there so this is all i action let’s take a look at what we can do they fight

and and want to view this page

maybe wondering who just lets go back and insert luka’s color section settings detail canoe rental hi click to it and whoever bored you apps the first one is the section layout and has six the section minim height or greater pressure hans and and caesar because we fg black background my big recession layout at the fault is 6 nominal high heels content in which section to the finer custom section height so right now from cz and protrude look

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maybe all action is a very small section about heer bikkels there no content will be the bluffing comeback after major content element provide jurgen text block unit and track the text serve with the live center save it update and refresh whatever is i know

that the color section is thicker c is stretchers how the content and este first option if i go to settings over here

no minimum height you can seixo prefer the patient or the browser window hide the fuck dude date and he sits a pharmacy and it refresh the section night will be number this point a solid scroll down jc new ayreon starts in the gate site so and option you can use our c show in cell d5 will be fifty when 5% cvc when 5% and belt so after update it then refresh it showing mints on tony 5% or the total height of this page

what it is like 6 like in firefly text block

can never feel rose and gather a grid

have wider hyde den 2 and 5 percent less tellem and the about your color sections with at least one i 5% with a little more I like my text block nothing nice and the twenty five percent and option for it the background is admit box and pixel height

slim and c5 pixel sorkin’s century supporter pixels in 157 it up date and refresh-it your production needs french weisz that the chance our this is at least 400 pixels with the height of the element

about rules the proposition shiva closen is man after act it my refresh it now it should be one hundred pixels the stitching look command shift for one 100 pixel radius is great

the next thing omen counters background needs in-app pairing I add an apps that I have a stone shed small penning on youtube bearing your channel of border signs i write now i see small board over it pixel you can

select a shadow of the can see i don’t want a border styling en het de bottom you can c display a euro or diagonal section border is a mission jason color to read something from the left to right and down 12 a box shadow and the size and can still display your in n roll bar in order to see how not even second class action

such a cultural out of all people actually oil man

calle section he had did it and he refresht it to your china walking saw this also a lesson set the cell and the bit more picas spray well that is namely discrete advice recognized color section and to for the yard and element in the context of click on it

and he said new color section which to

it gets thicker in the middle and save it right now we find out to the first class action a go to the settings he scroll down that change color to white save it out to edit text agency rental given text this one pc wit en iping cute and ice diagonal over here this might like this this is a look the greater my inside

for a cando crazy and there is seperator over here in the first color section and select whitespace bring this to one to the 50 7 pixels it update it and letters

well push this to keep it and same style you want the back end he culture is text changing colors to

the white collar

and cultures collins action background

section background and a mac so the color of the lobo save it up did it and refresh it so clearly splash my inside what we can do know my daughter’s hi can make this a little bit thicker frinstance 15% or the browser height save it up date and the man to close for now scroll down and layout

acei don’t want to display this title over here so ac hi boot or so does breadcrumb and eyed demon doubt transparent

my your so grab ac transparent and glass header



an old one looks like the more or know whether there is no time there anymore but equally transparent men your cousin and scroll down the mini you become visible light up in a night like this and then here the new color sexy model skinny we have the carts section week and raise my back hand about cycling tour known here so also all section this time i do not want to display this blue background there wintershow an image he pushes you the media library ‘and not have sheet and the best boring after those two in ten by would be pixels so far in since this one or this man is what made me honeymoon in south africa cape town lines he had insert it and find you

save it and updated and it will look like this

cecil bloom come from the fresh after that the closed with you about how so the wal ac icy lines all over here perak mmm there that the picture is much bigger than this words scroll over here now to see that the pelvic edge is willie the text add the website quickly perilex effect too an ichange it he edit page and make this big none

and larger color section and because of the sea in what is preferably 16 5% larger section background and hear a few options

right now the background attachment is in scroll notschrei scroll the pelvic edge scrolls it’s p’s and they text no vc fixed

update rufus den de background will stay it is his place you see is now 17 5% the van scroll down the image always in place so real life effect on like that another option is per ilex like click about mr fogg for perilex save it up did it

refresh now a scroll salad with the metaphor grammages in icebear lex effect and clean your scrolled at the menu bar on facebook like that and now you see what more of this background in from open this image of an iphone for instance iphone success portray you see right now with fixed on a mountain and it is a like if you want to show the city dies in there Someone after bigger known of course everything action the reception background

and the name and tc dontshow the tab left bacio de

center off right c white updatede after changes the river i first this now i see this area so for the mobile version you can say more to focus on image so here is the image of ict you continue to see is month and over here official center right jos second cd about here so darline places you can focus on just for morel’s and for tablets in freiburg is back to fixed he save it and updated and aj refresh-it

energy but now I focus little bit of this area

he do it because he put the hole in one shock and he does it bigger known click of the color section section

background and not change the background called a two stretch to fit us so do that like is where he refresh the page you see this blue collar about hair fashion kids distracting swoaistee color so that will be white color save it up did it and refresh it

well it seems that is impossible ever no model scan you push in five large the back-end printing color section and high very light background in thorn image nyko for this one

insert are settings fixed center right now some top left Update it and refresh it

by see this background is so wide that you will see the text over here weekend your week and culture known to color section and i can go to their first app de part der kant overlay that means that you can recall there will be an overlay over the eaves so i select color black man frinstance

and the about leo positive one point uncle agrees the background or it only black europoint man news that you do not see m percent whether this is possible at the customer fine powder sun europoint 5c white

updated and refresh you will see dark overlay

whether it is newspaper the act from don’t like that you know us so much about this area there is so much fire and there is this image over here and that’s that you make this background field in photoshop for instance of colin edit page color section section box mount insert image

about lord raven image sidonie hes blue overlay over he insert it out yet not boring so overlay save it

he had t this my letter is there now i see it quickly overlay here silent can see the text and you stand still there is yes and sweet when you him warmer fingerless kallus action

he kingyo tours section background and and strap that in with you about lord he to blame and he may have back-hand video

swipe read it over here so the video or a timelapse

the chance of stars is 7 he had t this chickens mind at take now the day video and order to see so text and us the video again you can use the overlay effect it can she had to tarth the pinky and tony zipper so family fitness and hardly like this

so you see video about rusting color fly-over here it looks great in it iping and chickens minded is a dance not work for mobile phones you will know hef hey beckand and a video and in the background repair in the video that is after the pears our for the video you can have overlay

is not necessary for now you’re right now be covered the height padding section top styling the job to styling the craft line over here down arrow de background how to show your background ‘where the

focus on and keep 7 overlay and and video sea white

and from this don’t even know about all the things you can boot into this with whatever you can do is your culture layout element you can f the fun time off arias in the and there i can do the content and media element instance place a background so perilex


the text area on that image and harrigan specially slant them this how it works the color section thank you so much for watching the video if you liked it up you learn some good stuff and feel free to like the video en subscribe for more on your videos and then you get a lot of simi nextime where


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