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Ha is in this tutorial and i’ll take a look at the great room syco tour service

grill and click over here and click edit page and domination retro it click once and invite a white and it fired a bit new tab he china went so in who to play some facts in discreet woman and what we do we will see the difference between a normal oh and i retro he wanted bigger templates and he wanted to have more templates for those and the news agency and after hijack this text about here one testimonial button if he about there and this image and find out here you like t this what you want c in fine refresh it very see if you select the text and press placed here and one of make the smaller command line er meines meines it silent and squeezes oil at left and this keep an update image and write more great

rodas is that in case you the space of the lesson

salles de screen en tail by right of the screen

zoë from bigger known and he get this template a game to chains text two is normal color

and he just did it beforehand and he did it

refresh it

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what you see is the text is here left the signs is border letter and choose border and he scroll down

your shit this is online come here it’s wet and line c fine to one liners i and first text and prevail text so great room the few more space of the left on the screen to write safe and make the smaller the left and right order as coming to edit page

hymove this section over here and now we can click on anyone this item and well freerolls media can make for roos now edith noyen with fresh it looks like this fight night morel’s betrayal coming to write now we’re so light background

he makes known my click on the great rose settings can say no borders work and c borders between so even icann even custom night for instance at least one 100% section colors right now in a live

colors like and they qolors at the antwerp

mother like save it cuts it off from josina and lessons guard background and this line between all the sections when i slept is like coming to edit the page and can remove this one en that chance man 40 and a bigger of fairings

i just click here duncan edit cell vertical online akc it not so be in the middle i can change the padding

you can select the fun background color or background image sulfur do that this one insert

scroll focus on the center stretch to fit stay fit for this one to our want the usa match

scroll center center and stretch to fit sea it

update and then refresh and old looks like this what you see it covers blowing too high or the patch this weekend is all kinds of play tanks agence de splits text and image which i can display all the elements how lift in that way you can use the great room

from which it looks like the perilex is not working so faced with neck and change

here already antari mauve de stretch to fit and china piet and to this want the change ‘toe fixed relationship weapons the fix one works in the jump just doesn’t work here you can use fixen background mister scroll das war i like this are all cola section so that’s a little bit about the grow less dollar went but you have to this element is a great how content elements and on to shore blog post like jurgis about here at click on it and want to display only one ingrid layout onecolumn oil the tidal


no pages and safe update refresh and its looks like that he can click on it to larger blog post she did it would be straight white retro thank you so much for watching this video i hope you liked it all hope you’ll earn some good stuff and feel free to like the video and subscribe for it more on to your videos and then you want to see next time where

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