The Icon Box Element Tutorial (Enfold Theme For WordPress)


in this tutorial bob’s euro sign counter the icon

about the services mike and punching bag le come here and we got an item boks huh the te page now because the start be color section

and I now lace and elements like him for the icann box i and click again it was and jurgen in the bare section at edith and it see how it looks ani and jasmins becomes lord of icann the tidal and the text and that’s basically being icon box that configures leds and click about here hi can change the way it is so we can see this player large ipad air for the circle run this or display lite ‘ipad right about living here and like the most display a like and a bar the tidal i did and I mean it is see a border around it and like it in your and like and to move the farm from want to know boxer out to content ok let’s life is bad for now office building de web design more about my love for that and complete him i would click on this item and he can say the en volt frame and you see that and again full team recognizes that my text i love the en

feels a lot of website beep when I want to use it

you know how your text houses want in battle how these words like expose to and that’s it you know you can set a link through the tidal cc you the menu moly to the unfolding or two poster portfolio item but product my case a can say bring two page building

one of the other pages or sncb for a normal my holding a google user link and 5c white

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after update the fence and refresh it

politicians icon box is all over the hole white or the website hello like it so just beak and bigger layout elements nicee one2one furred in the color section my gregor de about scent now something construction with but fitter count with i would like to display over here like that can fulfill all of the info him what happens when ara background in varela background color section name is francis

this one insert it and with the fixed focus then center stretch to fit on time and refresh clearly slim it looks amazing it was that looked at night would be bigger known and a go to the attack team he knows block’s he can do to colors and change everything he say to white

from that moment never bar to noting white of air conditioners it could just be any these this update and refresh the much problem look and learned gather this will make you kendo maybe you like it to photoshop the combination video mickey’s blurry en and make this might and reduced price oil rig to do for your project board there are bigger colors me who fails colorado who origina like this

he wants you can tent and he already said a lightbox back box lace and lacquer with borders like that now that i go true colors and clear all colors so much less default colors baby

this is the background color or so r yes or is he genk the campfire at this it was best to get the live since update refresh

and now looks like this and this is the shore and like attacking went through the text and debates Kempi Link to Slim Tidal and and His

shan you before with the homepage you know this applique jane they text and and in a phase 2 create something like this if can you do you can solariums

close to one m9 digger

like this click if you want the text pc pc game

update and refresh

hardly that’s so that’s like in you can do you can make a real big talk salaheddin powder and the signs like this where happens if you bring it back to the left

tag the live oaks just left

you lose the border foil and the background

if you know jason tags back to white important it was weak doing in back to this option i’ve been so busy about here or take this and then here will be December

lieshout den de superior comes into place over here widespace your trailer pixels chelsea even know and love this team very much a night and the lifetime getting to know it also come across small problem and a can fix on my other elements I think I luxurious green eyes all those james Somerset

edgar want to leave that time war and brown is tasty lactis yes and when i was lucky this park is perfect and in this space is nice the mass land about lord de seinen space salutation about here what you such sexy pixels sola mission with the sexy pixels on time refresh

furthermore, perfect jet stands for the five always refresh here fitz ok ipads re loving


thank you so much for watching this video and i like it i hope you’ll earn some good stuff and feel free to like the video and subscribe for more to you videos and then you want to see next time where


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