The Special Heading Element Tutorial (Enfold Theme For WordPress)


In this tutorial we will take a look at services and the special heading so I click over here I edit the page I go to content elements and I click one time on special heading if I update it and I take a look you see this hello with a line over here is my basic color which is configured in the Enfield settings the same as my logo and I want to adjust this title so I can duplicate it and I can click over here and I can configure it I can also say centered heading with bigger size you see right now I cannot choose different size but if I change it to h2 and I changed it to left-center or center italic then you can change your heading size over here

so I bring it to the center centered heading with bigger size and I change the size to 50 that’s quite big I can’t have a subheading above or below this title so if I say below I can say this is a subheading with a different color the subheading size can be 30 pixels it can change the padding button the higher this number the more space that will be left over here before the next element comes into its place if I go to colors I can say custom colors and then I can change the colors to a different one if you want to have a subheading with a different color then I can clear this then I can go to content no subheading bring the colors back to default

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say zero petting duplicated bring this back to 30 go to color for instance black color update now it looks like this centered heading with bigger size centered Heather with bigger size if you don’t want to have capitals I click over here and I change this to h3 refresh and now it’s without capitals you can customize it like this change the color change the size change the bedding let’s create one more and you can say pretty Corp Media h2 centered and the size will be 30 and here below I can say film photography web design the subheading size so I can make this bigger make this 37 35 something like this

save it update it and refresh it one last thing in the last video we talked about the separator let’s edit over here I want to bring this text and this text closer to each other so I go to the separator I drag it between those two click over here select white space say minus 40 let’s see what it does update refresh and now it’s closer to each other so this is what you can do with the special heading


thank you so much for watching this video I hope you liked it I hope you learned a ton of good stuff and feel free to like this video and subscribe for more upcoming videos and then you will see me next time bye bye


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