The Text Block Element Tutorial (Enfold Theme For WordPress)


in this tutorial, i will take a look at the photo services text blocks text block and edit it page ah sorry i know the text block he had kill your content elementary click one-time on the text block over here and icann at my own text

so hey agent start typing so lets try textedit from lorem ipsum is a stack you can use for dummy text and cannot be sur argens someone else’s text this is something you can use

sorry i see the element preview of skye the text ellentube cando I keep thinking about here henk sc enter an early

preferably and and tyrol this news from your press center in the text block you received a new only yes you can us baltic sea

shift enter no june start new glasses and and this is still one paragraph ‘wifi presenter for intenso fire you got a new lumia wises impotent if you think ok this is the tidal of my only yes and he said shift enter and tick this new lumia but i am doing about this ac this is a slope of the de closet this is albus his millennia the hollandia mobile shepherd because so is I’m coming to the sea and I’m going because we have a new lumia sv enter pro daelman backspace slogan if you want to heaven i got used to it in the c millennia through shift enter and more efficient and new linear header for incense this can be rather than just say enter unless select this paragraph ‘pc heading to new jersey only this sentence is the header so ejects paragraphs already talked about here he got the new one only yes he slept this area

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don’t use header of you can all my use it one time is you doing more times and google it looks like this march soyuz heading to

the kishore poster organizer dress and enter

click on i drove and heather to say that i realy nice and pearl inia so you can received with the text kind of click over here and select it online the in center you see the cave only yes forwarded center or to the right so what you can do morel’s i see then see these options about lord you can do this icon o4 you can do it anyway in advance so jf has it closely with you can

make boards bol like this

or he’ll hear you pop roll and night every nephew oats over ethicists command be or to my drunk and grabbed is there for sure month b & k man die en abc der bolt and thank you very much and lift quote

so with whom this is a beautiful world and hse enter he select this text and now click over here and every 10 shows intensively enjoy the modern volt is your like this like you cause happen for you quote

can just do it my baby our thumb thumb thumb


well i click over essay bullet warm bullet to bullet prix level press enter and back and the farmer it is complete

singles for this man nam word list number one enter number 2 number 3 enter enter and if you go back leather

input something els about the i see the numbers wanna shift such a song is a pity free zoo in that one you can genuine leather belt or this man driving looks great in our mr district and select no ‘can bring to write

nice aim bolt

agent any color so easily over here with can see this must be saved and you will see that combat where you put that chance is bolt won it is bolt in the car with clique that chance blue so from ambo this came that and number is the judgment and more recent and that create a link to further korpershoek you can from select this app can click on this link

and i also know an on link it sure if you are already thinking about clicking this item and pair because that left to go and in fact go

the link options icons and then and your l or to the frontpage galanthus you know teepee pearly short visit you can and the link text and I know a link is my head brand so I already have it and I know open it and new tab it the link and we can do it for you flower that chance in the and volt settings mousset on the left in the main area shoeby blue niceday front option if you click over her watch this area overlords would click here 9 say there’s not much distraction find used cars we remove solaria cover so it is tracking here we give strike pro

this is a strike pro

select text click here now just lightwood

sofa c

the rate is not

750 euros it just for dollars twenty dollars fence and so drag and and bad o lord ipad this icon pack britt

in detail and i’ll tell you how much you text about here he can be in the overpowering oil b to the right so lets see this takes over here its can say penetrating revs turns a lion bit more watches and a bit more do this which can do or less of course this come and see lite-on do a delicious and app player slider oral land do i click over heer eager someone to place and image and this lumia would jc at media it is black t-shirt french insert the inter page and if your c is quite big such a click on it a click on this icann the edit icann icann bring to write my kent jesus ice 2-ball iobit smaller medium or my custom size for instance access just got 50 you can link to the media sheet pharmacy and now it looks like this wimps no way better in my inside he can also plays an emoji about lord two select there is yes there is a media image and someone to add this one and our mr henk and online it to the left

jane ze size or a day to medium insert in our this one with clicking over here and i narrow it down

access it update and then look like this

then I can make it one and smaller from want to

it is so this is you can target the text block

love possibilities show feel more if you want to play are over here i can make a new paragraph nobody to be over the hollow white scroll up at media and in this picture kempi about how to make white so the lift no allignment show the full size insert the intro post and what you will see

about this hollow break at home with cli lastolite site c white and half an hour of acting it

and look over here now toilet

strike true colors link in opens a new page

hi teletext bol text bullets this is they correct of course a magical i over here and see all the other images

headers in the text the quote you take over the highlight and that’s what you can do with that text editor


thank you so much for watching the tutorial if you liked it all hope you’ll earn some good stuff and feel free to like the video and subscribe for more videos and then you want sini nextime where


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