The Whitespace Element Tutorial (Enfold Theme For WordPress)


in this tutorial, you already take a look at the seperator great services seperator for the bottle myspace just help and he edit page and wanted to all want to import a template and builds more because the cultures are tidal settings item in etc transparent header update and a fourth page it’s live now and then that locate this area like that what we do

he ate it and game might here

refresh keeps you on like this two times so one and let’s take a look when the creator gets older i can do some with it week frank this button is too close to so text about sir each to jane he puts edit page

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he open this man go to content elements a heuristic separator for flash myspace mike and pull it over do your text here the testimonial cousin had a it and he look against it pike about lord you seal testimonial button

upset picasso or the seperator that maybe you don’t want to have whiteline he looked counters seperator click over right now the fault suicides is viral here

over here

maybe a man to have a thief and was so fat top and bottom margins always save it and refresh your right now to see this even a bigger gap it may be that still not what you want it all i want to push elementz down and this is the right option for you and click over here hc matthews and myspace and here i can say hi chewy so evc to 107 and refresh it de white separators god de white room and now this is how to 100 pixels deny thing about is you in us so

change at two lines to 100 so on frinstance meines direction and probably debate and will now be somewhere over gentlemen sophie refresh-it

you can like that so that and other way to

bring a la mens closer to the color maybe you think out there too much space think about hier and bring it back by using the white space being a negative all your can kind of slaves

seperator like this one has in the center

fred wright order to left sea it update it and refresh andrews lang so for what you can do i am a smooth custom man and henk and select one you for the position and center your dog and for border and this came from values ​​to white with name is 50 i bring him to 115 and looks like this

you don’t relocate and border color people duet the margin-bottom margin tab go mini space knab pilot is an act pgb finds a job duarte display nike and has what is possible you or icandy peach a cabinets mike and color

I am jane to white them

7 it updated and refresh

and the effect is


thank you so much for watching this video and i like it i hope you’ll earn it on a good stuff and feel free to like the video and subscribe for more on come your videos and then you want to see nextime where

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