Uncanny Automator Plugin Review – How to Create WordPress Automations


today i’m going to introduce to you one of the very best plugins for WordPress Automation

hello there welcome back to the monkey show my name is alex i hope you’re staying safe and well wherever you are today we’re talking about the uncanny automator plugin and in my humble opinion this is one of the very best plugins for running automations on your wordpress website now there are two versions of the plugin the free version and the paid version but today i’m gonna talk to you about the free version because in all honesty i haven’t had time to work with the paid version but what’s interesting is that as of the time i’ve been making this video

this plugin only has 2 000 active installations which in my

opinion is a crime because this plugin is really powerful

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so the only idea behind this plugin is that you can create different kinds of automations

say for example a user buys a product on your store

you can send them an email thanking them for buying that particular product say for example you’ve created a new post you’ve published it you can inform all your users your subscribers about the new post things like that so that’s the the general idea behind the plugin you can create different kinds of automations

now it’s also compatible with a whole bunch of other plugins you can see the entire list right here

bb press body press contact from seven elementor

learn dash memberships pro uh woocommerce the list goes on and on and on this really is a very very fantastic plugin so

let me give you a very quick demonstration on how the plugin actually works behind the scenes

so once you’ve installed the plugin you will see automator right there you simply go to add new

so you’re gonna have triggers and actions

the trigger basically would be what should happen in order to

start the automation and then the action would be what should

actually be done during the automation that’s basically how the elephant works so right now you can see it’s telling me to select an integration and you can see all these plugins already learn dash woocommerce wordpress wp

forms this is because i do have these plugins already installed

on my site you can see i’ve got learn dash right here i have woocommerce and then i have wp forms down there so let’s say for example we wanted to send an email

to a user who buys a particular product on our store

how do we do this so let’s first of all add a title right so let’s say buy a product is going to be

the name of this recipe and we’re going to choose

woocommerce now because we’re dealing specifically with woocommerce right so in here you can see the two available triggers

what happens if a user buys a product and what happens if a user views a product let’s go with purchases a product right so

the user has bought a product you can then choose the particular product right in this case right now

i do have a course called the pizza master class which i’m selling so let’s say for example the user buys the pizza master class right i’m going to save this

and then right here you now have the actions okay what should happen when a user buys this particular product i’m going to click on add action and right here i can do so many things all over again

but we want to send them an email right so i’m going to choose wordpress and then right here you can see all the available actions you can create a post

you can create a user you can send an email

so i’m gonna choose send an email and then right here

i’m just gonna say uh thank you as the subject

and just very quickly uh thank you for buying

uh thank you for buying the pizza uh master class just as an example right i’m gonna go ahead now save this and what i will do right now is to turn the trigger to live and then also turn the action to live

and then last but not least right here where you have draft i’m gonna make the entire

recipe live so recipe is when you have the trigger and then you have the action that supports that trigger that’s basically what you call a recipe so now this is live whenever a user buys the pizza master class on my website the plugin is going to send them an email thanking them but that’s not all take a look at this okay i’m gonna go back to all recipes

so now that i actually have this recipe called buy a product

check this out okay i’m gonna create a new recipe

and i’m gonna say enroll user in course that would be the title for this recipe

now take a look at this again i’m going to choose the automator call now so when i choose automator call i can

actually turn one of the recipes i’ve created before into a trigger in this case right now i’m going to say a user completes a recipe

another recipe is going to be by a product that’s a recipe we just created so basically when a user has bought the pizza master class and then wordpress has sent them an email thanking them

what should now happen i can come in here click on add action

and then i can involve them in the course that i have on loan dash which is going to be

the pizza master class i’m going to save that

turn these two into live turn the entire recipe live

and there you go so at this point right now i have crea in just less than five minutes

i’ve basically created a scenario where when a user buys the pizza master class on a website

via woocommerce wordpress will send them an email

thanking them for buying the course and then

a second recipe will run where the user will now be enrolled in the learn dash course

called pizza masterclass that’s the how the whole thing works

so again you have access to a wide variety of triggers

actions all based on the plugins that you have installed

on your website again i have learn dash i have woocommerce but it works with elementor if you have a membership websites it works with paid memberships pro

member press and so on works wp forms it really is it really is a fantastic plugin and i

can’t get enough of it now with the paid version of the plugin it is my understanding that

with the version of the plugin you have access to a whole lot more triggers a whole lot more actions and you can even set it up so

that when a and an action occurs on one website

you can run another automation on another website so say for example maybe on one website a user buys a product you can actually enroll that user

on another website with the paid version of the plugin

also one restriction with the free version is that all these

actions triggers occur when the user is logged

in with the paid version you can create recipes triggers actions for users who are logged

out that’s another advantage of the uh paid version of the plugin again i haven’t

i’ve been able to work with the paid version but honestly i’m gonna reach out to uncanny and axe and ask if i could get

a copy of their paid version so i can make a video

on how it works but again the free version is

really really good and with it you can begin to create some very simple you know automations so yeah that’s it for uh today’s video i

just wanted to introduce to you the uncanny automator i think it’s a very fantastic plugin for

automation and with only 2000 active installations this is really a hidden gem it’s one of those hidden gems of of plugins in the wordpress web repository so that’s it if you have any questions about today’s video be sure to put them down in the comment section below if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up


share this video with anyone whom you feel might benefit from learning how to run automations

on their wordpress website again i will try to reach out to uncanny and see if i can get a copy of their paid version and then make a full tutorial

on how the paid version works so until then stay safe out there

i’ll talk to you next time and ciao

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