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hello bro this is Imran amou and welcome to my youtube channel in this video training I’m going to install and configure commerce customizer plugin using this plug-in you can customize Sukumar’s shop pace Sukumar’s single piece who come our single product paste and oakum are sick outpace and many other things so let’s get to be started and before I start please don’t forget to subscribe my youtube channel and this and I will help you to work with you come our SWAT fresh and everything that’s great so I’m going to take this name and here I’m in the dashboard of my website and as you can see I’m going to click on this add new menu under plugins menu and here are all search for the plug-in I’m going to hit this Install Now button and it’s time to activate this plugin okay

as you can see who commerce customizer plug-in is installed and activated so and it’s time to hit this configured link okay I’m going to eat this and as you can see there is a new depth in the e-commerce setting area who come are setting it and it’s customizer and it has four sub tabs and we will configure the settings in this video training so first of all as you can see shop loop base and we have these pills to

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configure and let me show you the shop page here is the shop page and here shows the products and I’m going to send something here first of all get to Cart button text as you can see here is add to cart button text and if you hit this path you can AB this product in the cart so if you want to change this word then you can make it from here so I’m going to write process okay I am I want to replace this add to cart text with parses

simple product may be able product group product and out of a stock product I believe you know about simple product variable for our group products and if you don’t know you can let me know through the video comment box and I can make a video about these sections so what I’m going to do this hit the Save Changes button and refresh the space to see the changes as you can see is now parses okay so there are several other setting options sales / best if you have any bears over here or any discount you can also since using this okay and layout we can also see in the layout here as you can see at the moment it shows three products and it shows one two three four four rows okay then what should I do and per product displayed purpose I want to display 30 products and product column displayed per page how many columns do you want to display in a piece here one two three three columns I want to show poor columns and product thumbnail columns displayed before so I’m going to save here and refresh the space I hope you can see the difference now it shows more products and you can change everything from here also so I think you could understand how to customize in this shop base

let’s see the product base now I’m here in the product based customization section and first of all just let’s see the product base and I am working with storefront theme you can say product description additional information tap content heading additional information and here you can see sorry and here you can see get to cart text and you can also change from here for all type of products purses and hit the Save Changes button

it’s purses now and you can just try each and every settings and you can get guidelines from here and the important thing is that you can also customize the sick-out pace so now we are in this set out pace customization section and before we change anything just let me show you that checkout pace here goes the second piece and you can change these takes recurring customer click to log in have a coupon and some other things you can make you can make this sick box checked by default everything so let me show you first of all must be locked in text I’m going to write log in here and for coupon text I’m going to write got a coupon okay and I’m going to keep the check box set and I’m going to change the submit button to process or order now and I’m going to hit this button to save the changes

okay I’m going to refresh the space to show you the changes okay as you can see water now okay as you can see log in here got a coupon cycle phase

customization now we can see the miscellaneous section here you can see is the text level in some countries it is bad or in some countries it is text and in your country it may be anything else you can just sense here including text level you can also send the Explorer bring text level and you can also send the emails default path okay say for example

this product doesn’t have an image but it shows IMS is a default image you can also change the default image okay thus or should I say


okay I just want to make this image a placeholder image so I’m just going to click here and I’m going to get the URL of the image and I’m going to paste here so now it will be my placeholder image Save Changes

thus refresher and I will see this okay okay I think you could understand the placeholder image has been sensed and that was all about this plugin

installation and configuration I hope you enjoyed the video and please don’t forget to subscribe this channel that will be a big help

thank you for watching goodbye



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