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Hello everyone welcomes WPIDEAHUB. In this tutorial, I’ll create a product slider in my WordPress website using tc WooCommerce Product slider. you want to work with this plugin please make sure you have installed uh Kumar’s plugin earlier.

and added several pada I’m in my dashboard of my website and as you can see I have been installed hukum or slug in and added several products using this product minam go to the plugins menu and from here and go to the add new menu I am going to search for TCU covers product slider and here it is you can see you commercial products layer by themes code okay I’m going to click this install now button.

and it’s going to be disturbed as you can see it has been installed and now I am going to press this active button to activate the plug-in has been activated and I will use this to short course to display products later the first one is to show latest product and second one is to show the precept or I am going to take this shortcode and create a page to display I am going to name it twist the shortcode here

instantly it shows up love’s latest products in a slider and I’m going to show up the pisser products in another pace and this time I will use this shortcut TC fish our products

I have used the short code to display pressure products in up slider I am going to publish it.

WooCommerce Product Slider Tutorials

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let’s see what happens for this you can also use this slider in any place or in your existing pages shop page to display this slider now it’s time to customize this slider using the to don’t like to in above this autoplay feature you can make it know and you can customize the autoplay timeout.

and stop on hop on carousel loop and the number of products you want to show in a slider and from the advanced setting you can enable dots as you can see here it shows the dots and a pie I’m going to replace here it is I am going to put it know and save it okay going to refresh the space and you see the dots are gone now you can also hide the navigation.

if you don’t want this is tolerating this you can also okay if you don’t want to display this star rating just go here hide show and hide store it in yes now it’s time to increase the number of words to be shown on this for our overlay from that ban setting I can make it to entry by default it is 10 you can see now it shows more words you can make it to 50 if you like let’s see how to Estelle this slider riddle is available in this slider setting you can say in the world I color

and refresh to see the updates okay it works great and if you want to show up the star ratings and what should I say again use this come here hide and show and hide is tolerating no and if you don’t like to show this short

description here just come here and hide short description yes and now you can also remove this border this side border you can also try sensing all the fields according to your choice and I’m not going to do this here in this video to keep it keep this video very short you can say in the dots color to be blue or anything else dots over color to be red and come here on the advanced setting and display dots


okay thus keep in mind that you need to add two shortcuts to display the slide. I think the WooCommerce Product Slider tutorial will help you. if you have any questions please put your comment.


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