WooCommerce SMS notifications – Enable SMS Notification on a New Order

Hey guys in this lecture I’m gonna teach you how we can integrate the SMS notifications into your woocommerce powered WordPress website. So that when someone places an order on your website they will get an SMS directly onto their mobile phone and trust me SMS notification really helps you to boost eCommerce sales as this feature generate trust about your business in customers mind hence they come back to your website, again and again, to buy the products so let’s get started there are just two simple steps to integrate SMS notifications into your woocommerce website.

Number one just like you recharge your mobile phone to send SMS to your friend’s colleagues etc in the same way you need to sign up with an SMS gateway provider and get credits from them to send SMS notifications to your customer’s number two to integrate the SMS gateway into your eCommerce website.

We need to get an SMS plugin that can help you to synchronize data between the SMS service provider and your website so firstly let’s go ahead and we get the SMS plugin.

so this is the woo-commerce website where we are going to integrate the sms notification.

so let’s go ahead and we can open a website wpscratch.com.

from where we can get the sms plugin now in the search box.

we need to type text local that’s all one word.

it automatically search over here in case if this takes time in loading and loading.

then just hit enter and this is the plugin that we are going to integrate into our website it just cost 12 so just go to add to cart and then buy this plugin and this plugin can be used on multiple websites.

so don’t worry like it is not limited for just one website you can use it on any number of websites.

i have already bought this plugin so i’m not going to buy it right now now let’s go ahead and we can install this plugin into our woocommerce website so this is my backend panel now we can go to the upload plugin.

choose file and we can upload that plugin into our website.

now after activating this plugin here we can see a new option.

sms notifications just hover on it and then click on.

sms notifications okay now this asks you for the api key.

so it’s time to get the api key again we need to simply go on to the new tab and then open a website that is text local.com so this is the global website of text local.

that is basically a sms provider company and the service is really great now as i am from india so i can select india so you can choose the option as per your location.

so let’s click on india now they open the website text local dot in i think that is the indian version of their website.

now we just need to click on this sign up and then we can create a new account which is 100.

free of cost and they provide 10 test sms credits.

so we can directly test it on to our website.

so here you can enter your email address and then just click on create a free account.

all right so they have sent me a verification email just.

open your inbox and then you need to click on the verification link so here i have got an email from them let’s click on this activate here we go so we can see this is the dashboard of our text local account.

now we need to provide our name company name rest of the details.

so you can just go ahead and just fill up all these details.

you can provide the address over here okay timezone is fine or you can change it as per your location.

now here you need to enter your mobile phone number so that they will send a verification code in order to verify your mobile phone this is just to stop this spamming.

so let’s type a phone number over here all right.

send verification code and i need to check my phone.

so this is what i have received one time password for activating your text local account make sure it is case sensitive all right now here we can create a password then check this check box and then activate my account.

all right now just close this pop-up it is really not needed.

now go to the settings and here you can find api keys.

just click on it now at the very top we can see 10 credits are available just for testing purpose.

so here we need to click on create new key.

now let’s scroll down keep both of these boxes.

empty don’t put anything over there and then click on save new key all right so this is the api key just copy it from here.

and now go back to your wordpress dashboard and here we need to paste that api key so let’s paste it over here okay now once you enter the api key just scroll down.

and click on save changes now we can see here the sender id is activated so you don’t need to do anything with that make sure do not enable these check boxes otherwise the notifications will be disabled.

in this box you can provide your primary admin number.

so that could be your mobile phone number now make sure to include your country code.

just before your mobile phone number like as i’m from india so i have inserted plus nine.

one so if you are from united states you can simply insert.

plus one now let’s scroll down now here we need to select on what actions the sms notification will be sent to.

so i suggest you to select processing and completed.

so when someone place an order then he will receive a sms notification as well as once you complete the order then the sms notification will be sent to now here we have certain boxes where we can provide the custom messages so this box is for the orders which are under hold status.

here we have complete status box in processing.

now just below it you can see these variables.

so if you insert these variables in this box it will automatically.

fetch the order number or the customer details from the billing form as well as from the woocommerce database so let’s say we can type here hello and then we have.

billing first name this is the variable just copied from here and paste it in this box.

so that will automatically fetch the customer name from the billing form comma.

thanks for shopping with us your order number.

and then we have the order number variable.

has been completed.

good luck make sure it only supports 160 characters so do not.

make long messages over here now let’s copy it from here.

and we can paste it inside this processing box and here we can type something like.

thanks for shopping with us your order number.

is under process.

okay now let’s scroll down leave all these four boxes empty and then click on save changes so that’s all you have to do in setting up the sms plugin into your wordpress website.

now it’s time to test the sms notifications on.

our phone so i have a demo website now let’s place order of this product and we can click on add to cart view cart.

now this is the checkout page where i have already filled all my details and that is my phone number.

i mean the mobile phone number now let’s click on place order.

okay now i’m going to show you on to my mobile phone whether i have received the message or not.


so here we can see onto my mobile screen that is the tlt est.

and this is what i have received hello saddam thanks for shopping with us your order number 476 is under process and here also we can see on the screen that is the order number 476 and the name i have entered as a customer was saddam you can see the first name has been fetched so this is how you can integrate the sms notifications into your woocommerce website.

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