WordPress Social Media Plugin – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

hello’s not one from 2002 bream in this video I have list up 12 dish social media plugins so let’s get to the started well you can boost your website and get lose traffic through social media websites and to integrate social media plugin we need what push website you can consider this social media planning

first of all floating social bar by side bulky is the founder of wpbeginner you can use this plug-in if you would like to create floating social wall in your WordPress website it is very popular at the moment I am recording the video it has 20,000 plus active in astro and 54 thyristor readings I think you can configure it if you would like floating social bar to in your aqua site and the next on is lightweight social icons sometimes you may need to show social icons to drive traffic to your social profile and you can add this plug-in to display a good range of social icon in your crush website and let’s see what social medias included in this plugin first of all Facebook Twitter Google+ I think he covered almost every leading social media in his website and that’s great another a nice simple share buttons Kara you can add this plug-in to show button on your official website okay that’s great and social login sometimes you may ask your visitors to log in you know what this website to do any specific tasks and if the visitors can log in through the social media login credential

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then it will be easy for them to access and this plug-in is developed by access press and you can use in your hot push website that’s great another one I would like to show you is share button by at this this plug-in also very popular as you can see

it has 330 on 5s providing another social login plug-in outlet recomment is social login this plug-in is also popular and you can offer your visitors to log into your official website through this social network Facebook Twitter Google cetera and what see in the next one is share a holy beep apart share buttons related cost social innovative and Mini Moke I would like to talk about mesh share these yourself living social sharing blogging through this plugin you can add social sharing integrity in your work wish website as you can see it has added the leading social media networks in their body okay and another plug-in I would like to recommend is social feed if you would like to show your social media post in your official site you can consider this plug-in you can show your social media post in your official site using this planet that sounds interesting and social media feed us you can also use this plane to integrate social me about meteor buttons in your hot page website and social media counter using this plugin you can easily show your social media performance social media counters how many likes followers you have subscribers in your social media platforms go to and finally I’m going to show you another plugin that is suitable for WooCommerce its social login light photo covers and I hope if you are running an e-commerce website using WooCommerce then you can consider this plug-in to get your visitors blocked in using social medias that’s great thank you very much thank you for watching please don’t forget to subscribe my youtube channel goodbye


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