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Hello everyone welcomes to Wpideahub in this tutorial, I’m going to work with WP mega menu houses install and configure this plugin in my demo WordPress website and this plug-in is by Tim iam okay this seed up natural menu of my wordpress website is this basic menu and whatever you see I will just on this normal menu into a mega menu okay just here I mean that dashboard of my or push web site and from them plugins menu I’m going to hit this Edna Mae no I’ll just install this plug-in and like other WordPress plug-in is the same process to install this plugin I’m going to hit this Install Now button now it’s time to active this plugin the plug-in has been activated and you can see our menu has been added on the left side okay so and what should I do

I’ll just navigate to the menu section under this appearance section just I’m going to hit this menu link okay mega menu setting off front panel has been added here and if you want this plug-in to replace your default menu systems as you will have to enable and just check this box and to work with these plugins as tour over these menu first level menu and as you can see a small deep blue button called WP mega menu and it just click over this and it shows a pop-up okay and what you can do just click here to enable this menu firstly you will have to add a row if you want to display in two columns just click it and in three column just click over here and more columns and more Estela options it depends on you

WP Mega Menu Video Tutorial

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I’m just going to click over here and takes us three column row okay and I’m going to the sake it the difference okay what I will do I’ll just take some minnows over here come here you simple this drag and drop simple process okay let’s see any changes okay it’s cool now let’s see how can we bring these four items in a box layout okay let’s just leave it here and firstly enable it and take any stress setting and default stress stress row and you can stress row and at content also okay what I’ll do this do you remove here and add three okay I’m just going to add four and thus put here okay let’s see what happens

I’m good but if we see in this dress okay here you can see the difference default stress it will be fitted and if you want a stress rope and through refresh it’s here and if you want stress and content just refresh you see spread over the full eat okay so I think stress row or stress default would work better now if I want to add any miss just below here or firstly I would like to add any an icon here what should I do

go to the icon section and click here okay you can add – icon as well as font or some icon okay and also search for any font or some icon just – icon okay it’s good now I’d like to add a gallery here

okay first of all stress default or deferral air drove I’m going to drag this widget here to here and now what I’m going to do the scared images I’m going to get these four images gallery in short gallery here you can see you just hit the don’t forget to hit this Save button okay under the gallery some unisys it’s time to add any beat and video

okay let’s add and we do here I’m going to click over here firstly novel it Erin icon video icon

and take these three columns and video video video okay

thus I’m going to get the video link from here you need the visit add video insert from URL just save it insert another video

sort here


okay let’s see what happens who’s us refresh it okay nice video let’s see the setting sections just come to the bottom and hit this Megaman option you will find this short sitting panel and from here you can just disable Megaman one mobile or enabled it okay

CSS output location you can change it and menu container tag can be changeable to nap tag or deep deck or just these things and responsibility down point okay thus he changes and hit the Save Changes button when you are happy with the setting options and let’s see the themes and already you have a classic theme or you can create any new theme okay just put the theme title just my team okay what do you want

thus in a ballista key menu you can do it and to drop down indicator and enable Tsar’s bar or disable Tsar’s bar hit Save Changes and you will find general sitting options menu bar okay brand logo and first level menu items text color background color all the setting options actually these things are pretty easy and I am NOT going to do everything in this video cuz it will it will be a long process okay just drop down we know Mega Man movies it’s it has all the necessary setting options so there things are easy and when you are happy does hit the Save Changes button there so finally we can see that make Avenue we have created and videos okay thank you for watching hope you enjoyed the video don’t forget to subscribe the YouTube channel thank you

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