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Hello, guys welcome to WPIDEAHUB. In this article, I will show you WP Super Cache settings.


hello everyone welcome to WP super cache sitting tutorial and so in this video tutorial I am going to install and configure and properly setup WP super cache plugin okay I’m just going to copy this plug-in name and from this plug-in me know I am going to click on add new menu and this plug-in is fish out here and so I don’t need to start just click on Install Now button okay the plug-in has been installed now it’s time to activate great from this happen link we can probably set up this bablu be super cache plugin we can go through this settings menu thus here WP super cache.

okay it’s a fully simple task to configure this plug-in first of all from this easy Jeff will turn this caching plugin on just clicking on this caching on radio button and press update the status button the plug-in is now working and it’s recording the caches of my site so if one now it’s time to look after the advanced them from the Advanced tab will active and be active some other settings just like here use Madhuri date to staff cache Franks and also help use PHP to self cache files ok and another one is legacy pace caching this three settings are doing the both this three things do the same work but I recommend to use more credits because it is a epatha server module it’s faster to provide

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cache files cause PHP uses mass CPU then mod rewrite so if you are in shared hosting environment

I mean you if your site is hosted in a shared hosting environment then you should use mod rewrite because it is faster then from this miscellaneous section we will save this on compressed space let’s have more quickly to visit if you said this then your pages will be compressed and it will save your bandwidth form your Sabha and the visitor will also get your page loaded so much quicker this seems pretty interesting and another thing is do not cash base for no losers sometimes if you have a very popular blog and the visitors may come back again and again and they may miss that let us update so let us take this to avoid cash for the no losers and another honest do not cache page with get parameters if your site is and e-commerce site then either set be son cause sometimes when you site process the payments it may send data through the gate variable so do not cash we just we’d get parameters if you are running any e-commerce site using easy digital download or commerce then send this on and make users make no use of anonymous and you can check this okay and the advanced on enable dynamic caching

it’s not a simple task and for not for beginners you have to know

please pivoter to make any of your template dynamic with this so I do not recommend this for the beginners and mobile device have worked of course this plugin should support for mobile device okay and from the bottom cash location is the default cache location for WP super cache plug-in this one and if you can handle you can create any custom directory where the cache files will be saved but if you can’t so do not try it okay so I am going to heat up with a status button when the file updated and it created several model guides rules because I choose more today’s method to SAS cache for my website that’s why it created several rules in the datasheet exercise the dog text excel file is located in the industry to actually okay their site and this roof are not added yet I have cleared this rules in the bottle successful just clicking this button update mortadella trolls I am going to click this button and update the file now this code block is a bit greener and the file has been updated there is notification waterjet was updated ok and timing section keep these things default and you can change yourself

according to unit and keep these things default not necessary so I am going to take this CD in depth if you are running a big block or high traffic website then you can pass this any premium CDN and configure this setting according to the website it is not a difficult task ok and I’m going to finish this tutorial here because this steps are not


necessary ok thus you can take the cached pages here and who can delete the cache when you need until it expires so this unlocking very difficult task ok and I’m going to go to the dashboard again and you will see a button called delete cache when you need to update your website or need to remove or clear the cache thus you will hit this button delete cache and it will flash all the caches from your site ok and at the same can go to the install plugins from here you can reactive this plug-in at any time and go to the face you can and you can go to this settings panel again ok and hope you’ve loved this video and that it will work for you if you are confused with any point just let me know through the youtube comment box below and please subscribe my youtube channel thank you very much


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